HB Exclusive: Life House launches referral program

Management company Life House has launched its referral program.

While the company has been receiving referrals for years, it is now launching a formal referral program given the economic climate to support both the hotel owners it serves as well as those who make referrals.

“We’re deeply committed to our mission of helping not only independent hotel owners, but the industry as a whole,” said Rami Zeidan, founder/CEO, Life House. “We understand that the hotel industry is small and while most of our friends, broker partners, etc. make referrals out of the goodness of their hospitality spirit, we wanted to be proactive to reward those who may be going through a dry patch in this economic environment.”

The referral fees could be up to $50,000, depending on the size of the hotel referred. If an introduction results in Life House signing a hotel management agreement, Life House will provide a one-time reward in the amount of 0.5% of LTM revenue for existing operating hotels or 0.5% of projected year 1 revenue for new builds or hotels that will undergo renovation.