HB Exclusive: Life House expands to Hawaii

Life House has expanded its portfolio to Hawaii and is managing Hotel Moloka’i in Kamiloloa Beach, HI.

The hotel is owned by real estate investment group Beachtree Properties.

“We are very pleased with Life House’s approach to managing our unique property,” the owner shared. “Life House has enhanced our operations without losing the essence of what makes Hotel Moloka’i special, which is our authentic Hawaiian guest experience.”

At Hotel Moloka’i, guests enjoy an authentic Hawaiian experience on the island nicknamed the “Friendly Isle.” Guests stay in a Polynesian-style village in tropical bungalows and have access to beaches, hikes and waterfalls. Other activities include whale watching, fishing and learning Hula on its birthplace island.

Life House reports several operational improvements at the hotel since taking over management three months ago, with a 124% increase in hotel NOI compared to the prior months. exemplified by a 5/5 rating for communication, a 5/5 rating for Life House’s proprietary Owner Portal (a comprehensive platform providing owners with a way to monitor the onboarding process and access real-time property reporting) and a 10/10 likelihood of recommending Life House.