Expedia launches new social impact & sustainability strategy

Expedia Group has launched its new global social impact and sustainability strategy to advance a travel ecosystem that is responsible, open and accessible to all. The Open World social impact and sustainability strategy is focused on three priorities—increasing access for underserved travelers, democratizing the travel economy and innovating sustainable solutions for the future of travel.

Earlier this year, the company revealed its Open World technology platform—created for partners to leverage and configure products and services needed to succeed in the travel ecosystem. The next iteration of Open World extends to the traveler experience, community engagement and environmental impact.

“Travel is transformative. It broadens horizons, strengthens connections and changes perspectives,” said Peter Kern, vice chairman/CEO, Expedia Group. “With our new Open World social impact and sustainability forward-looking plans, we will further our mission to power travel for everyone, everywhere. Travel needs to lighten its footprint on the planet, and everyone should be able to experience it and receive the associated benefits. Now is the time to innovate the existing model. We have a responsibility to enable a stronger, more sustainable industry.”

Expedia Group’s social impact and sustainability strategic framework includes:

Inclusive pathways for underserved travelers
Expedia Group is increasing its own capabilities to improve the experience of underserved travelers by identifying and helping to lessen gaps. For example, Expedia.com has made improvements to accessibility filters to include options like elevators, service animal accommodations, roll-in showers and sign-language staff availability, and also expanded search features for travelers such as LGBTQIA+ welcoming properties.

To ensure more people are able to experience all that travel has to offer, Expedia Group will focus a portion of its giving to provide grants to impact-driven organizations working to remove barriers to travel for underserved communities around the world.

Economic advancement for communities underrepresented in travel
Expedia Group is strengthening economic opportunity across the travel ecosystem to ensure more people and communities can benefit from the industry’s growth and associated benefits. Using its technology platform to help diversify the business of travel, Expedia Group will support small and local businesses, particularly those focused on improving the representation and experience of underrepresented travelers.

To help diversify the business of travel and meet traveler demand for more responsible options, Expedia Group will soon launch a program aimed at start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses in travel.

Prosperous planet for generations to come
Expedia Group recognizes the environmental toll that today’s travel industry often has on the planet and is committed to mobilizing its network of travelers, partners and peers to innovate more sustainable business models and empower travelers to make more responsible choices. Fostering a healthy planet and a travel industry that mitigates and adapts to climate change is central to the Open World social impact and sustainability strategy.

Expedia Group recently joined the Travalyst Coalition and signed the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism. Under the declaration, Expedia Group has committed to deliver plans that will support the global goals of cutting emissions in half over the next decade and allowing the travel industry to reach Net Zero emissions as soon as possible before 2050. The Travalyst Coalition enables these goals by allowing travel companies like Expedia Group to deliver unified sustainability frameworks and methodologies to travelers across the globe.

Expedia Group is currently developing a long-term climate action plan and associated roadmap for greening its own operations while driving industry-wide change. A new program being developed in partnership with The Travel Foundation will offer training and practical guidance to destination marketing organizations (DMOs), enabling them to lead the way on climate action in tourism and catalyze meaningful change at a local level.