With Sleep a Priority, Wyndham Guestrooms Get Revamp

PARSIPPANY, NJ—Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is teaming up with Delos, a company focused on environmental wellness, and designer Jeffrey Beers to outfit guestrooms that inspire rest, comfort and relaxation.

A recent University of Texas study found disrupting sleep and an impact on circadian rhythm—commonly caused by jet lag—not only leads to chronic fatigue and insomnia, but also causes accelerated aging.

A New Sleep Experience
Wyndham is committed to offering guests the Stay Well experience at every hotel across its U.S. portfolio by 2019. Endorsed by Deepak Chopra, the evidence-based Stay Well rooms by Delos infuse wellness into the room with features that minimize the impact of travel on the body and enhance sleep, according to the brand.

Stay Well rooms are designed to incorporate wellness technologies to help improve indoor air quality, sleep patterns and physical comfort, as well as reduce exposure to germs and allergens. Wyndham will offer a wellness experience leveraging the following features:

  • Air Purification: circulates filtered air in the guestroom to reduce pollen, odors, allergens, toxins and other pollutants from the air
  • Aromatherapy: optional mood-enhancing scent to improve ambience and mood while promoting relaxation
  • Circadian Lighting: personalized room light environment that emulates the color of natural outdoor light to enhance sleep quality, energy levels and productivity. The settings include circadian, energize, relax and play.
  • Dawn Simulator: alarm clock that simulates a sunrise, allowing for a more natural waking process through the use of gradual increasing light
  • Stay Well Mattress: natural memory foam mattress derived from organic cotton, hevea milk and essential oils
  • Guided Meditation by Deepak Chopra: Deepak Chopra, an integrative medicine and wellness pioneer, provides a welcome message, lending wisdom and insight to the features of the Stay Well experience.

Designed for Dreaming
The wellness focus is coupled with a complete redesign for the brand’s interior by Jeffrey Beers. By including blues and muted grays, balancing clean lines and soft curves, and centralizing the room around the bed, the room is designed to promote comfort.

Modern elements include magnetic charging stations by the bed and noise-reducing fabric panels, while design contributions like abstract wall art and carpet, weaving both color and texture like ocean waves, create an atmosphere of overall calm, according to the company. The layout of the room itself, with the bed as its central focus, supplements its most important function: a space for sleep.