Web Exclusive: HBA designs Beach Village at The Del

HBA Los Angeles recently completed the interior design of Beach Village at The Del. The beachfront cottages and villas are set within a gated neighborhood at the north end of the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. HBA Los Angeles’ design for the 78 residential-style accommodations is sophisticated and refined with contemporized, traditional detailing.

“The California cottage-style architecture of Beach Village and the local beach frontage strongly influenced the design direction of the interiors,” said HBA Los Angeles Partner Kathleen Dauber. “The quality of the natural sunlight was also a large influence, as the lighting is unique to this area in its clarity and color.”

The design features layers of textures and natural tones that reflect the coastline. Washed wood finishes nod to the elements of the surrounding environment.

“Our material selections were influenced by the natural organic surroundings of the local landscape, from the Pacific Ocean and golden sands of Coronado Beach to the elements found in nature that you may discover on a stroll along the coastline. We refrained from using hard geometric patterns. Instead, colors, tones and patterns are soft and flowing,” Dauber noted.

The design team took inspiration from the ocean’s movement, playing with light and shadow to mimic the tide’s ebb and flow. HBA also incorporated coastal blues and accent fabrics to both soothe and invigorate.

“Sleeping areas are a refreshing respite,” Dauber added. Board and batten molding accent the headboard wall, adding a subtle pattern with streamlined execution. The bed itself and headboard are wrapped in a rich, leather-like material, which can also be found in smart detailing that exemplifies exquisite craftsmanship. Crisp white linens add serenity and promote a restful night’s sleep. Bedside lighting casts a warm, gentle glow and is anchored by a base with artful appeal in textures borrowed from the landscape.”

Telling the story of the historic space was critical for the design team—they studied its history to tell its story accurately and thoroughly.

“We began with thorough research into The Del’s history to understand the magnitude of its social importance,” Dauber said. “This process was critical in building a compelling story to drive inspiration while celebrating its historical impact. You have to know where you’ve been to know where you are going. We were mindful of honoring The Del’s original luxury and capturing Coronado’s leisurely, sophisticated lifestyle while approaching the design for Beach Village from a fresh perspective.”

Blending styles was a challenging part of the process, Dauber noted, as honoring the location, architecture and history is an added layer of complexity.

“Because this was an existing structure, there was a delicate dance in making it feel current, while enhancing what was already there,” she said. “We kept the traditionally refined detailing of the crown moldings and kitchen cabinetry in homage to the past. The palette is cool and tonal, allowing the richness of warm, leather-like textures and updated accents to speak to the present. Curated portraits of past celebrity guests at leisure adorn the walls in celebration of The Del’s rich history. The result expresses a very contemporary way of coastal living with authenticity to the property and locale.”

Photo credit: Will Pryce