Momentum’s new textile collection

Momentum Textile & Wallcovering has introduced its Shelter textile collection. Comprising five patterns called Shelter, Gimme, Artful, Multitone and Waterfall, this collection offers welcoming, tactile fabrics for modern, traditional or rustic environments. Chunky in texture for a supremely cozy feeling, each Shelter textile is guaranteed to warm guests and bring a homey, residential vibe to any hospitality space—through the winter and beyond.


The collection’s namesake pattern is maximally chunky in texture, has a shearling-like feel and warm, earthy colors that are immediately inviting. Its satisfying weight and durability make it a grounding respite from busy lives in a rapidly changing world—a creative addition to any relaxing space.


Soft and fluid, beautiful and flowing, Waterfall’s chenille construction and cloudy motifs evoke the movement of water. A painterly and multi-tonal evocation of the elements, it’s a warm and welcoming design that’s crafted for high impact and high traffic.

Gimme (Featured image)

A classic tweed weave with stunning and overlapping color combinations, Gimme brings the comfort of home into hospitality spaces with its innovative minimalism and softness. Textural boucle yarn is used for both warp and weft, creating a non-linear, heathered texture that’s uniquely layered yet somehow comfortingly familiar.


Chunky and expressive, Artful combines a linear weave with soft, fine chenille yarn to create a multi-dimensional and inviting shadow effect with layered contrasting. Its muted yet saturated colors contribute to a creative vision for space that feels like a refuge.


A complex and multilayered textile, Multitone uses several different boucle and chenille fill yarn colors that contrast with a nubby-textured and multicolored weft. The result, inspired by crochet and 1950s outerwear, is luxuriously soft and supple. The color abundance adds a unique and lustrous dimensionality to this versatile and durable fabric.