Graham & Brown launch designs

Wallcovering and paint company Graham & Brown has launched new wallpaper collections in the U.S. and Canada. Take a look:

Reecho (featured image)
An interpretation of soundwaves bounce around this calming semi-plain design. Reecho is a sophisticated wallpaper design that delivers an impactful statement without overwhelming. Available in: Teal, Green, Neutral and Twilight.

Clavering Birds
Hand-drawn birds gently perching on mystical tree branches. This design took over 40 hours to carefully illustrate and hand paint in Graham & Brown’s UK design studio. Available in: Noon Sky, Morning Sage, Day and Night.

Norse Forest Collection
Inspired by Germanic mythology of the Norse Forest that anciently formed a barrier to the south lands of Germanic expansion. Towering trees give impact to this design, take this design and wrap it around all four walls to create a mystical escape. Available in: Emerald, Navy & Bark, Teal, Blue, Green and Stone.

Esther Collection
Esther is an organic design, inspired by the wild meadows of Britain. A cotton-effect texture runs behind the giant umbellifers, characterized by their disk-shaped umbels. The design experts at Graham & Brown recommend pairing this paper with the Reecho semi-plan either as a complimentary wallpaper or fabric. Available in: Ink, Sage, Teal, Chocolate, Breathe, and Stone