InspireDesign’s ICandy: Carmel Beach Hotel

Carmel Beach Hotel’s design encourages coastal comfort in an elevated setting.
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WATCH NOW! Art trends that inspire

In the latest InspireDesign Hot Topics session in partnership with Apollo Art, design leaders gathered to discuss art trends and innovations.
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InspireDesign’s ICandy: Terra Haute Casino Resort

Discover inside the casino resort in Terra Haute, IN.
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InspireDesign’s ICandy: The Slate

Explore inside the walls of The Slate in Denver.
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InspireDesign’s ICandy: LUMA Hotel San Francisco

LUMA Hotel San Francisco blends modern elements with natural touches, paying homage to the land it sits on.
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InspireDesign’s ICandy: The Eliza Jane

The Eliza Jane, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt in New Orleans, showcases inspiring artwork, whimsical colors and local flair with a feminine edge.