Valley Forge releases upcycled fabrics

Valley Forge Fabrics, a supplier of custom textile products for the hospitality industry, has released its new SEAQUAL MARINE PLASTIC collection as part of the company’s continued commitment to sustainability. The eco-friendly textiles weave sustainability, performance features and comfort into one collection. The nine marine-inspired patterns come in an array of vibrant colors and textures. A promotional design “Live Ocean” print was created by Australian artist Lezio Lopes, known most recently for his work on HBO’s “White Lotus.”

This large collection of unique upholstery textures includes almost 100 items and are woven with SEAQUAL YARN made from reclaimed plastics from marine and coastal areas. The plastics are pulled from waterways through SEAQUAL INITIATIVE partners’ clean-up initiatives worldwide, then sorted, washed and twisted into the yarns that are ultimately utilized in these fabrics.

Hand drawn by Lopes; “Live Ocean” is an extension of his signature tropical style from down under. Featuring jellyfish, octopus and other marine wildlife, the design balances pops of color against deep ocean blue that reflects the movement and beauty of the sea. Custom colors are available.

“The mission behind the collection drew me to the partnership with Valley Forge Fabrics,” said Lopes. “I was inspired by the vibrancy and vastness of the ocean and its creatures. I wanted to depict the beauty of animals living in a safe environment.”

The collection features a combination of neutral tones and vibrant hues that create a fluid statement within hospitality spaces, along with a pleasant mix of soft chenille and textured boucle styles, providing enough variety to satisfy all tiers of interior design. Each sustainable pattern exceeds 50,000 double rubs and is woven in the USA to produce a unique and extensive line of upholstery fabrics. In addition, all fabrics in this collection are Fire Retardant and use Oeko-Tex and GRS Certified Yarns.

With more than 45 years of experience in the hospitality textile industry, Valley Forge Fabrics is committed to pioneering new methods to further the innovation and use of recycled fibers. The company’s product development decisions combine the realities of hospitality budgets, strict code requirements, environmental and health concerns and the consistent desire to create innovative and fabulous interiors that meet the expectations of a very varied and always-changing audience.

“Valley Forge Fabrics is continuously innovating our products and processes to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Mikey Dobin, co-CEO/chief revenue officer, Valley Forge Fabrics.

“We are proud to introduce this new Upcycled Marine Plastic upholstery collection that brings to life our commitment to sustainability while partnering with the talented artist Lezio Lopes and the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE,” said Diana Dobin, co-CEO/chief sustainability officer, Valley Forge Fabrics.

Photo credit: Valley Forge Fabrics