Valley Forge, Porter Teleo launch collections

Valley Forge Fabrics, a supplier of custom textile products and services for the luxury hospitality industry, continues its partnership with Porter Teleo, the Kansas City-based design studio founded by artists Kelly Porter and Bridgett Cochran with eight new collections of hospitality fabrics. The new collections include hand-painted, intricate patterns and organic motifs that are translated on a range of sustainable performance, decorative and fire-retardant drapery and sheer fabrics— as well as upholstery fabrics.

The collections include a fresh perspective on some of Porter Teleo’s most beloved works. Released collections include “Fossil,” a reverse color version of the hand-painted abstract that incorporates dashes to create a dynamic and lively pattern that is simple and sophisticated, along with one of Porter Teleo’s most iconic designs, “Tangled,” which has been reimagined at immense proportions for a spectacular impact. Slated to release this summer, “Painterly Plaid” is a multicolored fabric adorned with a playful plaid printed on a linen chenille that boasts a visually appealing aesthetic with a soft and luxurious feel to the touch, and “Promenade” a printed sheer fabric with a linen-like finish. This design takes inspiration from artistic brushstrokes, resulting in captivating patterns that evoke a sense of movement and creativity.

“I particularly love Porter Teleo’s work for their special intricacies and attention to detail—the hand-painted process ensures no single design is the same,” said CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer of Valley Forge Fabrics, Diana Dobin. “Their unique artwork pieces translate beautifully across all mediums for hospitality textiles, and we’re thrilled to bring them to life and movement through textiles in this continued partnership.”

The new Valley Forge Fabrics x Porter Teleo collections will span drapery, rollershades, pillows, upholstery and sheer fabrics. Product releases started in early 2023 with new capsule collections continuing for the next two years.

“We are excited to see these latest additions to the Valley Forge x Porter Teleo collection come to life,” said Bridgett Cochran, owner, Porter Teleo. “Look for beautiful color updates and thoughtful scale adjustments as the line continues to grow.”

The ongoing collaboration enables a more direct line between artist and interior designer, allowing for art that is traditionally found on walls and within frames to come to life on furniture, drapery and in surprising locations that transform spaces. Custom versions of these products are available as well through Valley Forge Fabrics.