Stayntouch 2.0 launches

Stayntouch, a leader in cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technologies, has launched Stayntouch 2.0, a fully integrated technology suite featuring an amplified version of its flagship cloud PMS and guest kiosk.

The new technology suite also includes a secure payment gateway, a customizable booking engine and a channel manager, which the company says enables hotel companies to expand their online distribution and booking capabilities, simplify payments and streamline multi-property management.

“We’ve spent over two years working on making Stayntouch 2.0 a reality, and following the launch, we are even more confident in our offerings,” Priya Rajamani, VP, implementation & support, Stayntouch, told Hotel Business. “Stayntouch 2.0 expands upon our flagship hotel PMS to deliver a complete technology suite that features the core platforms that a hotel needs to operate. We’ve amplified our best-in-class PMS with enhanced chain management capabilities and added a new customizable booking engine, a streamlined Channel Manager, an end-to-end payment facilitator and a guest-facing check-in kiosk.”

Stayntouch 2.0 provides a fully integrated technology stack that includes:

  •  Stayntouch PMS: The flexible and cloud-native PMS solution now offers an improved group module, advanced allowance and package functionality, and enhanced multi-property features. Hotels can deliver better service with a fully mobile platform, robust automation, mobile guest check-in and automated upsells that drive ROI.
  • Chain management: Now, hotel groups, brands and management companies can seamlessly manage their entire chain, while delivering on unique concepts and service standards, the company reports. Stayntouch’s chain management features an “intuitive” chain dashboard that allows hotels to easily switch between chain, group and individual property viewpoints while managing availability across the entire brand.
  • Stayntouch Pay: Hotels can now cut out the middlemen and leverage a secure end-to-end payment solution that’s fully integrated with their PMS, according to the company. Stayntouch Pay handles every aspect of payment facilitation, including processing, acquisition and settlement—delivering one transparent bill with no hidden fees and direct priority support.
  • Stayntouch booking engine: With a mobile optimized, easy-to-build and customizable booking page, hotels can streamline the guest booking experience and drive direct bookings, the company reports.
  • Channel manager: By optimizing all hotels’ booking channels, the channel manager enables hotels to scale their business globally. With turnkey access to OTAs and travel agents, hotels can diversify their revenue, capture high-value bookings, increase occupancy and eliminate double bookings.
  • Stayntouch kiosk: With a fully customizable check-in kiosk, hotels can reinvent their lobby into a guest-centric space for socializing, dining and coworking. Innovative hotels can remove the front desk altogether and reimagine the guest’s welcome and departure experience.

“The goal of Stayntouch 2.0 is to provide independent hotels and hotel chains with a comprehensive, turnkey technology suite from a single, trusted strategic partner,” said Rajamani. “Stayntouch 2.0 makes it easier for hotels to streamline operations, access global booking markets, drive direct bookings, maximize both ancillary and room revenue, and enhance their guest experience from booking to check-out. Stayntouch 2.0 also benefits guests by expanding the means by which they are able to pay for their reservation and amenities, book rooms at your property, enhance and personalize their stay, and interact with hotel staff.”

Rajamani said that the new system will help hoteliers address some of the most significant pain points that “come with the growing complexity of hotel operations today including reducing their total cost of tech ownership and cost of employee training, expanding and optimizing distribution and booking, simplifying payment processes and providing the many services needed to scale a business effectively.”