Radisson Hotel Group launches its first electric charging hub

Radisson Hotel Group has launched its first ultra-fast electric charging hub as a continuation of its commitment to support e-mobility and expand its network of 510+ electric car-charging stations across the EMEA region, in partnership with Allego, a pan-European provider of electric vehicle charging solutions.

Radisson Hotel Group’s strategic partnership with Allego was first announced in July. Since the start of the partnership, Radisson Hotel Group has grown its Green Mobility network of ultra-fast and regular (AC) charging solutions for electric vehicles to more than 220 Radisson Hotel Group locations and more than 510 chargers across Europe. In India, the group has partnered with Sunfuel to install EV chargers in its national portfolio of more than 100 hotels.

The first ultra-fast electric charging hub was unveiled in Frankfurt as part of the group’s new, revamped automotive value proposition. At the ultra-fast charging point, it takes approximately 20 minutes to charge a car.

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of consumers are now sustainability-minded drivers. As a result, automakers must focus on what customers demand and integrate sustainable practices in the design and manufacturing of their vehicles, but also put sustainability at the heart of their branding and events marketing strategy.

Radisson Hotel Group has expanded green travel options as part of its commitment to decarbonize the business and achieve net zero by 2050. It has a long-standing history as a sustainability pioneer and was one of the first hotel groups to launch a global 100% carbon neutral meetings program, that automatically offsets the carbon footprint of every single event and meeting held at any of its hotels by supporting projects that help reverse climate change and support sustainable development in partnership with First Climate. Over the past 10 years, the group achieved a 30% reduction in carbon emissions and has offset 30,300 tons of carbon since 2019.

Inge Huijbrechts, global SVP, sustainability, security and corporate communications, Radisson Hotel Group, said, “With consumer demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) expected to grow fourfold by 2025, electric vehicles will become the dominant powertrain in the next decade. At Radisson Hotel Group, we support this shift by providing green mobility solutions at our hotels. Today, we already have more than 510 electric car charging posts at 141 hotels in EMEA, and we set an ambitious target of bringing EV charging solutions to all eligible European properties by 2025. In India, we aim to equip all 100+ Radisson Hotel Group properties with EV charging stations. Almost 25% of our hotels offer exclusively green taxi solutions with hybrid or electric vehicles for guests traveling to events and meetings. We can help drive the e-mobility movement forward by providing automotive brands with everything they need for sustainable events, starting with the right EV charging solution for each location.”

Ulf Schulte, managing director DACH, Allego, said, “Charging infrastructure is a true asset and boosts attractiveness of each single hotel. In addition to the existing overnight AC charging points, the 150 kW Hyper Charger or HPC is also accessible 24/7 and using 100% green energy. All chargers will of course be integrated into the pan European Allego charging network offering access to all EV drivers without compromise. Whether you are there for a business meeting, a short break or an overnight stay, your car will be fully charged when you hit the road again.”

Radisson Hotel Group played a role in the establishment of a new globally recognized set of sustainability indicators, the Hotel Sustainability Basics, in partnership with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The Hotel Sustainability Basics is a commitment to deliver a defined set of criteria for the reduction of energy and water usage, waste reduction and carbon emissions at all hotels globally.