Nomadix introduces built-in firewall for gateway suite

Nomadix Inc​. has launched new firewall and security features to its suite of internet gateways. The firewall module replaces the need for purchasing, configuring and maintaining separate appliances and aligns with major brand standards. The new release also offers CAPPORT API support, a feature that enables improved WiFi onboarding experiences.

By adding built-in firewall functionality to the Nomadix internet gateway, IT managers gain granular and flexible management controls to effectively protect their networks with a single device, without disruption to the bandwidth management or service, according to the company. The latest release will be available in release 9.4, launching in April.

“It is critical that every property provides the essential security and privacy layer to protect every guest, resident and employee who accesses the property WiFi,” said Chris Spencer, group chief information security officer, Nomadix. “Nomadix is dedicated to delivering secure, reliable, affordable and frictionless connectivity experiences and believes the new firewall and security features embedded in our internet gateway family will provide greater value, simplicity and security for the hospitality and multi-tenant markets.”