Hyatt Place, Hyatt House Brands Reveal Findings from Business Traveler Survey

CHICAGO—The Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands released findings from a Business Traveler Survey, which was conducted online by The Harris Poll and consisted of more than 1,300 adults across the United States, China and India who have traveled for business in the last 12 months (international business travelers), to gain a greater understanding of how business travel can deliver both personal and professional growth on the road.

The Business Traveler Survey provided insight into the mindset of these road warriors, including what motivates them and what they learn during their travels:

  • 77% of U.S. business travelers believe business travel has helped them to communicate more successfully with different types of people, and that percentage is even greater in China (88%) and India (95%).
  • 68% of U.S. business travelers say business travel has inclined them to be more empathic toward others, and this number increases in China (88%) and India (90%).
  • 59% of international business travelers identify themselves as someone who sees obstacles not as challenges but as opportunities to grow. More importantly, 92% of employed U.S. business travelers are motivated to advance their career, and the percentage is even higher in China (96%) and India (96%).
  • Among those motivated international business travelers, more are driven by creating a better life for their families (48%) than receiving praise or recognition at work (33%).
  • 77% of U.S. business travelers believe being on the road has taught them skills they can use when facing challenges in their personal life, and that number is even higher in China (88%) and India (90%).

Furthermore, the survey reveals their habits (consisting of adults in the U.S., China and India):

  • 22% of business travelers think wearing pajamas on conference calls is a major benefit of taking business trips that require hotel stays.
  • 27% of business travelers admit they binge watch shows that they haven’t been able to watch at home while traveling.
  • 26% of international business travelers indulge by having a stiff drink at the bar while traveling.