How Suite It Is: Chatham Bars Inn Debuts Spa Suite Experiences

CHATHAM, MA—Curated aromatherapy scents, signature amenities, customized skin care and freshly pressed juices designed to boost immunity can make a typical day at the spa feel like a bespoke, luxury experience.

“Wellness is certainly global, robust and fast growing. It’s here to stay. For those of us in the hospitality space, there’s a natural opportunity for us to include wellness in our programming and in a very personal and meaningful way for each individual guest,” said Kathleen Shea, VP of sales and marketing for the Chatham Bars Inn and the Inn at Perry Cabin. Her 25 years of experience is steeped in building awareness for wellness and lifestyle brands.

On Cape Cod, the Chatham Bars Inn is taking wellness to another level through its new spa experiences—Sleep to Dream and Inspire—now available in the resort’s spa suites. At booking, a spa concierge sets the tone by making personal contact with the guest to determine his or her likes and wellness goals. A program is then curated and personalized to the guests’ needs.

“Our approach is a bespoke wellness experience; the new spa suites are about what will engage the senses of each guest in a personal way. It’s the new definition of luxury, which is a goal for personal fulfillment,” she said. “This new program is about using whatever the guest preferences are in making their stay personal, ranging from signature body products, preferred aromatherapy and personal preferences in music—all to engage the senses in a way that’s personal.”

Engaging guests through the five senses—smell, sight, taste, touch and sound—Chatham Bars Inn seeks to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for an outcome of total restoration and rejuvenation.

“There’s a dedicated spa concierge that begins this process of making it highly personal at the start of the booking and aligns with the overall philosophy of this 25-acre property,” she said. “Offerings also include yoga on-property, beachfront classes and keynote speakers. It’s all designed to boost our guests’ overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.”

What makes Chatham Bars Inn’s services distinctive is the locale. A truly Cape Cod experience is leveraged through products from local farms, experiences and treatments with ingredients sourced from the sea and a connection to nature. “It allows guests to have a full experience and connection to themselves and to nature,” she concluded.