Web Exclusive: Scent can motivate purchases

Air Esscentials, which provides environmental scent delivery systems for the hospitality, industries, among others, has found that scent can incentivize a guest to make a purchase.

“Adding scent is the easiest, most affordable way for businesses to increase sales and increase customer satisfaction,” said Air Esscentials founder Spence Levy. “Studies show that adding scents to retail stores increased intent to purchase by as much as 80%. Air Esscentials is using scent marketing to help businesses drive purchases and loyalty. Scent translates a business’ value and drives sales.”

Smell is one of the most powerful of senses. It affects about 75% of our daily emotions and plays an important role in memory, according to Levy.

“The sense of smell is different from the other senses because it is processed first by the limbic system, the same part of the brain responsible for memory, perceptions and emotions,” he said. “So scent is a more primitive sense, and science is discovering that scent plays a much larger part in influencing our emotions and decisions. Customers spend both more time and money in a store that they enjoy the smell of. Studies also show that customers will stay in scented environments for up to 40% longer and provide a better assessment of service quality in scented environments.”

For its hotel clients, Air Esscentials create individualized scents. “We work hand and hand with our clients to craft a feeling that can’t be re-created at another establishment,” said Levy. “We take into account the feeling and emotions the hotel wants the customer to have. We look at the colors, furniture, lighting and background music when designing a signature fragrance.

The Doral, FL-based firm, Levy noted, helps hundreds of hotels and resorts for brands from such hotel companies as Hilton, Sonesta, Hyatt, sbe, Nobu, Public Hotels and The Standard Hotels.

“Air Esscentials provides a variety of scent systems where people can choose from hundreds of scents in our fragrance library or create their own signature scent to create the mood and perception you want for yourself, customers, guests and employees,” he said. “Air Esscentials has everything from fragrance systems, rooms sprays, candles, reed diffusers, body butters, scent printing, bead packs and even pillow sprays. In fact, Air Esscentials recently created a custom pillow spray for a popular luxury hotel that guests can also purchase for their pillowcases at home.”