Hotel Business & Kalibri Labs collaborate to aid recovery

Hotel Business has entered into an exclusive partnership with Kalibri Labs to provide its unique data to the hospitality industry via its “Mind the Gap” series. The much-needed and sought-after information will be distributed in bi-weekly emails, starting in April, available online and through social media channels. In addition, a quick snapshot of pertinent data will accompany each print issue of Hotel Business in a dedicated spot on the news cover.

“Mind the Gap: Your Resource for Recovery” is a report series that highlights the gap between historical and post-COVID hotel demand. The reports tap into the Kalibri Labs industry database, which is uniquely stratified by market segment, and will examine the wide variation by market and location types along with chain scales and hotel tiers to inform the hotel industry about the underlying demand composition.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Kalibri Labs in bringing this pertinent data to the Hotel Business community in an effort to arm our readers with the information needed to achieve recovery and growth,” said Allen Rolleri, VP, business development and operations at Hotel Business. “The entire Hotel Business team is committed to providing the information needed for our industry to thrive, and Kalibri Labs will play a major role in that effort.”

The reports will examine the wide variation by market and location types along with chain scales and hotel tiers to inform the hotel industry about the underlying demand composition. Pre-COVID, approximately half of the U.S. hotel industry revenue was driven by commercial travel—including corporate accounts, consortia, business-related conventions and meetings, government travelers and airline crew—and much of it stopped by the end of March 2020. Those markets, submarkets and hotels with a higher reliance on commercial travelers sustained the heaviest blow from the pandemic and understanding the composition of demand by market and hotel type is essential to enable improved planning for a return to economic health.

“With more than half of U.S. hotel demand historically driven by commercial travel and group, the pain inflicted by COVID was driven by how much any given property or market depended on that business,” said Cindy Estis Green, CEO/cofounder of Kalibri Labs. “We are thrilled to partner with Hotel Business in creating ‘Mind the Gap’ to spotlight where and how the business dropped off so hoteliers can plan effectively for recovery.”

Mark Lomanno, partner/senior adviser at Kalibri Labs, added, “When COVID put a stop to most commercial travel, our hotel performance database became even more essential. It’s unique in its depth as the only industry source that can identify commercial and leisure production for every hotel in all 334 markets and 975 submarkets in the U.S., and can show that data both historically and as a forecast for the future.”

Hotel Business will be bringing this data to life through its Hot Topics event series, where industry experts will weigh in on the information and provide in-depth analysis about what it means to the hospitality industry. The content generated from these thought-leading sessions will be available on all Hotel Business media platforms.

“We know how important industry data is to the hotel community, and to both maintaining and growing your businesses,” said Christina Trauthwein, VP, content and creative at Hotel Business. “That being said, there is so much data out there, and we feel delivering these data points from our partner, Kalibri Labs, will provide hoteliers with the most useful and unique information to compete in today’s market.”