Hilton Opens More Than 200 Work-From-Home Reservation Sales Positions

MCLEAN, VA—Hilton has created more than 200 new full-time, work-from-home reservation sales positions, offering flexible work opportunities across the United States. As part of the Hilton reservations and customer-care team, the new reservation sales specialists will extend Hilton’s hospitality for guests with travel or reservation-related questions.

“At Hilton, we strive to provide a great place to work for all, and providing career flexibility is one of the many ways we help empower team members,” said Rajiv Vellodi, VP of Hilton reservations and customer care. “Our goal is to be the most hospitable company in the world, and this starts with how we treat our team. These positions are ideal for those who are looking to develop a rewarding career from their own home.”

Hilton’s reservation and service team secures reservations, provides personalized solutions for guests’ travel needs and seeks resolutions. Career growth opportunities exist to move across departments and into management and training positions. Full-time positions include a 40-hour work week, including weekends.

According to the company, the roles are ideal for those who are prone to geographic moves, such as military spouses, retirees and college students:

  • Frances Brown is an assistant coach on Hilton’s VIP Housing Desk, military spouse and mom to five children: “Finding and maintaining employment that will allow you the flexibility to take an unexpected leave of absence or be able to pick up and move with you is a constant challenge. It’s hard to find fulfilling work that is also flexible, but I’ve had constant support from Hilton since I started.”
  • Jasper Rey, a reservations sales specialist with Hilton, said working from home and not having a commute reduces his overall stress levels and allows him to care for his dog that has special needs: “The ability to control the atmosphere of my work environment is huge, especially in this customer-centric role that requires excellent listening skills and attention to detail. I’m able to maintain a quiet, distraction-free space, which allows me to focus and be a better asset for our guests and for the company in general.”
  • Suzan Philpott, also a reservations sales specialist with Hilton, said she loves not having to think about what to wear to the office, being able to take advantage of Hilton’s travel benefits and the virtual training opportunities: “We are not just order takers, we are dream makers! We get to help folks book their vacations and their business trips by helping them find just the right property to fit their needs.”

Reservations sales specialists receive many of Hilton’s benefits and programs, including team member travel discounts, paid time off, 401K and access to professional development through paid training and Hilton University.