Hilton named most valuable hotel brand

Brand Finance has named Hilton the world’s most valuable hotel brand in its 2022 Global 500 Report. Hilton led both the hotel and broader tourism sector with a brand value of $12 billion, now higher than its valuation before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now that lockdown rules have eased in most countries, the tourism sector has seen a boost in staycations as well as a partial return of business travel,” said David Haigh, chairman/CEO, Brand Finance. “Hilton has prepared well for this moment, opening more than one hotel per day in 2021. Having recorded an impressive brand value growth of 58% this year to $12 billion, the brand is now more valuable than it was pre-pandemic—an amazing achievement.”

Hyatt ranked number two among the hotel sector with a brand value of $5.9 billion, up 29% from the last and also higher than its valuation before the pandemic.

The two companies were the only brands among the hotel sector to appear in the top 500.

The Brand Finance Global 500 rankings assess the value of brands globally based on their financial strength and brand equity.