Hilton, HGF share ESG goal progress

Hilton and its philanthropic arm, the Hilton Global Foundation (HGF), have revealed the latest progress towards their shared goal of creating a better world for travel with the release of the 2023 Hilton Travel with Purpose Report and the 2023 Hilton Global Foundation Impact Report.

Hilton’s Travel with Purpose Report outlines the company’s progress towards its Travel with Purpose environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy to drive responsible travel globally. Travel with Purpose outlines Hilton’s 2030 energy, water and waste reduction targets, as well as community engagement and governance goals. Through carbon reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative and social impact targets aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, Hilton is working to reduce its emissions and create engines of opportunity while operating with accountability, integrity and transparency.

Hilton’s Travel with Purpose strategy is led by its 469,000 team members around the world who are working to drive responsible travel throughout its business, operations, supply chain and among the communities where it operates. This year, Hilton has made the following progress (based on a 2008 baseline):

  • Achieved a 45.1% reduction in carbon emissions intensity among its managed hotels and a 25.1% reduction in carbon emissions intensity among its franchised hotels
  • Reduced its water use intensity among its managed hotels by 26.5%
  • Lowered its landfilled waste intensity by 63.7% among its managed hotels, surpassing its initial 2030 50% reduction target
  • Created more than 860,000 learning and career growth opportunities in 2023, contributing to more than 1.5 million opportunities since 2022
  • Contributed more than 377,000 volunteer hours in communities around the world, with a total of more than 2.5 million volunteer hours reported since 2017.
  • Through Hilton’s Team Member Assistance Fund, distributed more than $865,000 to a record number of Hilton team members impacted by disaster, crisis and personal hardship

In addition to its progress toward its 2030 Travel with Purpose Goals, Hilton demonstrated its industry leadership and advocacy in 2023, engaging in global efforts for climate action and positive social impact such as the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, testifying to the United States Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Tourism, Trade and Export Promotion and participating in the AHLA’s Responsible Stay Initiative.

The HGF works in partnership with the hospitality leader to drive progress towards its 2030 Travel with Purpose goals. The Hilton Global Foundation Impact Report outlines the significant social and environmental impact generated from the HGF’s more than $4.4 million in grants donated in 2022. Grants were made to organizations that are improving, restoring or protecting local environments, supporting the economic and career development of vulnerable and underrepresented groups and strengthening the resilience of communities around the world, according to the foundation.

“Hilton was founded on the belief that hospitality is a powerful force for good,” said Katherine Lugar, EVP, corporate affairs and president, Hilton Global Foundation. “Hilton and the Hilton Global Foundation are harnessing the transformative power of hospitality by driving meaningful impact in the communities where we live, work and travel. We are proud of the progress we’ve made toward our 2030 goals and our ongoing commitment to empower communities, protect the planet and enrich the lives of individuals around the globe.”

Through funding provided by the HGF, organizations around the world are driving destination stewardship, creating career and learning opportunities for all and providing critical relief to communities recovering from natural disasters, resulting in:

  • More than 308,000 pounds of waste diverted from landfill, 58,800 trees planted and nearly 22,000 acres of land restored
  • The distribution of more than 168,000 meals and donation of more than 126,000 pounds of food
  • More than 1.43 million community members meaningfully impacted by HGF grants
  • More than 58,331 learning and career growth opportunities, including more than 36,000 opportunities for youth
  • Provided critical relief to communities recovering from natural disasters, including the communities impacted by the 2023 wildfires in Maui, HI, and earthquake-affected areas throughout Turkey