Guests want more in-room entertainment choices

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The days when hotel guests were content with broadcast channels and HBO on their guestroom television are long gone. A hotel is expected to provide all the comforts of home which, today, includes in-room entertainment that not only allows guests to access the network and cable channels on the TV, but also enables them to stream or access content from Netflix, Hulu and other platforms.

This has been no more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing and state regulations have made staying in the hotel room a more frequent option for some guests.

According to the Enseo report “Hotel Television in the Age of COVID,” on a total hours-viewed basis, including both traditional television channels and over-the-top (OTT) content, television viewership increased by 49.3% per occupied room from August 2019 to August 2020. The increase spread across all property demographics from select-service through luxury, and true in any location in the U.S.

The use of OTT content skyrocketed, as the study found that it outpaced growth in all other areas of in-room entertainment, with full-service properties seeing a nearly 85% growth in OTT usage, according to the report.

Traditional television also saw an increase in viewership among guests. Full-service hotels had an increase of nearly 35% in viewership, while select-service properties had an increase of more than 26%.

“Hotels have invested in technology like contactless check-in that takes care of the needs of guests from the lobby to their room—a critical path,” said Amir Ahmed, SVP of sales with DISH. “But, unlike before the pandemic, once guests are in their room they’re not really leaving. They’re spending more time watching TV and, in many ways, their impression of a hotel is formed solely based on the guestroom experience. The in-room entertainment experience is really an opportunity to make guests feel engaged.”

With the increase in time spent in the hotel room, it makes sense for hoteliers to offer the most content-rich in-room entertainment possible. Guests will appreciate the myriad offerings, which will lead to better online reviews and improved loyalty. Having the most robust in-room technology can also be the difference between retaining guests who find viewing and streaming options important and losing them to the competition.

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