Four tips to protecting your pillows and mattresses

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Now more than ever, guests prioritize cleanliness when comparing hotels. They don’t want to worry about bed bugs, dust mites or bacteria when lying down for a peaceful night’s rest. And, of course, you don’t want hotel guests ruining your hotel bedding and mattresses with sweat, spills and stains. Taking simple measures to protect your hotel bedding and mattresses can keep guests happy while also prolonging the life of your mattresses and linens.

Tip 1: Invest in good furniture
Mattresses are more susceptible to a short lifespan when they have poor support. Choose beds for your hotels that fully support the mattress. No part of the mattress should sag while it’s in use.

Tip 2: Use mattress protectors and pillow covers
From breakfast in bed to post-workout naps to drinks in bed, hotel guests put your mattresses and pillows through a lot—not to mention the dreaded possibility of bed bugs. Fortunately, mattress protectors and pillow covers can help keep your mattress and pillows in tip-top shape for longer. Plus, they’re cost-effective!

Mattress protectors
At a minimum, a mattress protector keeps the top of your mattress safe from liquid, dust mites and skin cells. For the ultimate protection, you’ll want a mattress encasement. They zip fully around the mattress, providing 360° of protection and blocking entry and exit points of bed bugs and dust mites.

Our Mattress Encasement by Healthy Sleep Advantage has a patented Bug Guard Zipper Enclosure System, a layer that blocks viruses, and a layer that blocks the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites. Not to mention it is waterproof on all sides to withstand sweat, skin oils, accidental spills and more.

Pillow protectors
Pillow covers do the same things a mattress protector does but for your hotel pillows. They protect pillows against sweat stains, skin cells, hair and spills. Our Pillow Protectors by Healthy Sleep Advantage are waterproof yet breathable to keep your guests cool and comfortable as they sleep. Plus, they feature the same patented Bug Guard Zipper Enclosure System you’ll find from our mattress encasement. A pillow protector like this keeps allergens, bed bugs, and viruses out.

Tip 3: Purchase high-quality hotel bedding
Quality hotel bedding will also protect your mattress. Think of it as an additional barrier, keeping skin cells, dust, crumbs, sweat, hair and skin oils away from your mattress and pillows. Sure, any sheet will provide some protection, but high-quality hotel sheets, duvets and pillowcases provide even more. Plus, high-quality bedding, such as our Venus Performance Twill, will last through hundreds of washes.

Tip 4: Perform regular cleaning and maintenance
Routinely cleaning your hotel bedding and mattresses helps with longevity, too. Vacuum to remove debris, dead skin cells and dust mites from your hotel mattresses. Steam clean to disinfect and protect your mattress from bed bugs. Mattresses should also be flipped and rotated regularly to minimize sagging.

Venus can help you protect hotel mattresses and bedding

Venus offers high-quality hotel sheets, mattress protectors, and pillow protectors designed to help protect and extend the life of your hotel mattresses and hotel linens. Our textile experts are happy to chat with you as you decide which protective product offerings to choose for your hotel. Give us a call at 800.421.6599 or send an email to [email protected].