Ageless Living Collaborative Launches

With more hospitality designers expanding their portfolios with senior living design, the editors of InspireDesign wanted to get this on your radar.

David Ashen, president of Dash Design, and Phoebe Stein, president of Olive Presents, have revealed the formation of the Ageless Living Collaborative (ALC), an independent, non-sponsored group of senior living design professionals dedicated to creating optimum outcomes for seniors in senior living communities and other housing options.

This collaborative, or action-focused think tank, was developed in part to educate, discuss and delve into solutions of current challenges faced by the senior living community because “we know that, as a community, we can do better,” according to the organization.

“The first initiative of ALC is a webinar discussion on isolation, and how we can do better in combatting that feeling that is challenging seniors every day, and especially during this time of COVID/post-COVID,” said Stein.

To register for the webinar session, which will be presented Thursday, July 23, from 4-5:00 p.m. EST, please go here.

The featured founding collaborators of ALC are Ashen; Stein; Faith Marabella , CEO/president, WDC Interiors, Wellesley, MA; Jane Rohde, principal, JSR Associates, Catonsville, MD; Dale Miller, founder/managing partner, Daring By Design; Kevin Swanson, senior interior designer, Columbia Pacific Advisors; Lisa Cini, founder/president, Mosaic Design, Columbus, OH; Rachel Rangelov, SVP, design & construction, Longview Senior Housing; and Kia Weatherspoon, president, Determined By Design, Washington, DC.