A Healthy Partnership Brings Benefits for Guests

BOSTON—A partnership between a local spa and luxury hotel here has proven to be a win-win for business and clientele. G20 Spa + Salon has entered into a deal to be the preferred vendor for The Lenox Hotel, a partnership aimed at attracting Boston leisure travelers.

“The Lenox Hotel is 118 years young and with all of that great history comes some physical limitations,” said Lisa Burns, director of marketing communications at The Lenox Hotel. “So, without the space for an in-house spa, we went for the next best thing—a great partner right across the street. We are always looking for partnerships in the neighborhood to improve the guest experience.”

While G20 Spa + Salon has worked in tandem with several hotels in the Boston market, this is the company’s first direct hotel partnership with one specific property.

“Beyond the relative closeness of our two properties, we do have clients who travel across the country to come here for services.,” said Christina Gallardo, director of marketing and advertising with G20 Spa + Salon, a 17,000-sq.-ft. facility dedicated to beauty, wellness and service. “And now, we can not only accommodate them on the beauty and wellness side but can also arrange a luxurious place for them to stay while they visit.”

Designed to be an “urban day spa destination,” the preferred hotel partnership brings that notion full circle.

“The G2O experience is all-encompassing in terms of the length of time you can spend here and all that you can experience,” said Gallardo. “The only thing we were missing was a place for our guests to stay. With The Lenox Hotel offering luxury hotel accommodations directly across the street, we have fulfilled that need.”

There are benefits all around, including the spa treatments and level of service during the hotel stay. The Lenox Hotel gains an amenity for its guests and solidifies another partnership in the community, while  clientele get to extend the experience with an overnight stay nearby.

“Hospitality is really no different whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, salon or spa,” said Burns. “Staff on both sides are experiencing all that the hotel and spa have to offer so that they can cross promote to our guests.”

G20 Spa + Salon has a full guest relations department equipped with a concierge team to cater specifically to guests referred by concierge teams across the city.

“The ability to do this is nothing new to us; it is just an extension of what we already offer,” said Gallardo. “That being said, what might be different is the customer journey and actively engaging with clients on the spa side first and offering them the ability to come in from other areas of New England, the country or abroad, indeed may be a paradigm shift. With that being said, I do think it’s a natural progression. We’re living in an age of health and wellness where the hospitality consumer takes these offerings very seriously and often first.”