Zucchetti North America launches

Zucchetti North America, the North American outpost of the Italian-based Zucchetti Group, has launched, along with its proprietary Z-one, an all-in-one, module-based suite of solutions for hoteliers who are looking to boost reservations; effectively manage their reservations and operations; and increase revenue.

“Zucchetti has acquired multiple hospitality tech brands in the CRS/PMS/POS market during the pandemic, and with the recent resurgence of travel in North America—especially domestic U.S. travel—there are many opportunities for Zucchetti to help support North American hoteliers who are struggling to keep up with demand with limited staff due to the ongoing labor shortage,” Mark Lewis-Brown, president, Zucchetti North America told Hotel Business.

Z-one’s modules, which can be combined or purchased individually to suit each hotelier’s specific preferences, include:

  • Vertical Booking CRS
  • LEAN Hotel System PMS
  • Lodgical Solution PMS
  • Rateboard RMS
  • Systopia Digital Concierge
  • TCPOS payment solutions

Although Zucchetti-owned Vertical Booking has been in business worldwide for many years, Zucchetti North America is a new player in the North American market; as such, the company will be an important one to follow over the coming months, especially since North American hoteliers are looking for a way to recover, post-pandemic, more quickly, by boosting direct and indirect bookings, decreasing the cost of acquisition and increasing overall revenue.

“With the ongoing challenges we are facing with the supply chain and staffing issues, our all-in-one turnkey solution allows a hotel to manage all aspects of the operation including CRS, PMS, POS and RMS; however, as the solutions are module-based, the hotelier can also choose to select only the tools they need,” said Lewis-Brown. “Thus far, Zucchetti North America’s solutions are being very well received by North American hoteliers and, as the hotel industry continues further along the path to recovery, we anticipate even more growth in the North American market.”