Web Exclusive: Online course offers hotel valuation certification

For those interested in learning about hotel valuation, Steve Rushmore, who founded global hotel consulting organization HVS more than 40 years ago, has created an online course titled “How to Value at Hotel.

“Designed for experienced appraisers looking to specialize in valuing hotels or new valuers starting their careers, the course provides the knowledge and tools needed to evaluate hotel markets; forecast income and expense; and value all types of hotels,” said Rushmore, who was also cofounder of HEI Hotels & Resorts.

He added, “My course is used to train hotel consultants/brokers, asset/revenue managers, hotel operators and owners. While it is appropriate for students with little or no hotel education and experience, it is designed for industry professionals looking to enhance their analytical skills to thoroughly understand the process of performing hotel valuations and market studies.”

The course is entirely online and contains more than 75 lessons of videos, readings and case studies, which can be viewed at one’s own pace.

“As the instructor, I take students step-by-step through the process of performing a hotel market study and valuation,” noted Rushmore. “Students not only learn how to perform these functions but, more importantly, I reveal my thought process for making all the necessary decisions to properly analyze a hotel market, make financial projections and develop a realistic valuation.”

During the course, students will be working with the latest version (6.0) of Rushmore’s hotel market analysis and valuation software, which according to the HVS founder, has “become the hotel industry standard for hotel valuations and investment analysis throughout the world. By the end of the course, students will have all the tools and knowledge to perform their own hotel market analysis and valuation, plus many other applications.”

Upon successfully completing the course, students receive the certified hotel appraiser (CHA) or certified hotel valuer (CHV) certification.

“Adding the CHA or CHV certification to a resume and LinkedIn profile will certainly set one apart from all the other hotel industry professionals,” said Rushmore. “Upon earning the certification, graduates receive via email a certificate suitable for framing. Their names will also appear in an online directory of certified members.”

As a leading authority and author on the topic of hotel feasibility studies and appraisals, Rushmore has written all five textbooks and two seminars for the Appraisal Institute covering this subject. He has also authored three reference books on hotel investing and has published more than 300 articles. He developed hotel market analysis & valuation software used by HVS and thousands of hotel consultants, owners and lenders throughout the world.

According to Rushmore, the course is being used by hotel schools such as EHL Hospitality Business School, Hong Kong Polytechnic, the University of Houston and the University of West London “to prepare students to become hotel consultants/brokers and asset managers.” He added, “Leading hotel consulting organizations such as HVS and CBRE also use my course to train their consultants and analysts.”