Web Exclusive: Hotel Mariposa connects guests

Through the years, when it comes to hotel stays, guests have always expected a clean room and comfortable bed to sleep in. In the last 10 years or so, another expectation has joined those: high-quality internet connectivity.

To meet its guests’ expectations when it comes to connectivity, the newly constructed luxury boutique property Hotel Mariposa in Los Angeles turned to Hotel Internet Services for the implementation of a high-speed Guest WiFi service.

While undergoing construction, Hotel Mariposa leadership recognized that one of the most important tasks in attracting guests and maintaining a positive property reputation was to deploy WiFi services that could accommodate a multitude of guest devices while still maintaining fast and high-quality connectivity. Once initiating the network implementation process at Hotel Mariposa, this included the strategic installation of Ethernet cabling and state-of-the-art Ruckus access point technology to deliver a consistently high-performance and reliable WiFi signal throughout all hotel areas.

“We live in a world full of technology and it’s constantly changing so it was a priority for us to have high-speed internet,” said Joyce Chu, operations manager, Hotel Mariposa. “With providing high-speed internet, we are able to charge a more premium rate and provide an even better guest experience.”

She added, “As a service provider, I always strive to provide a memorable memory to our guests and having high-speed internet is so important because internet plus technology are such a huge part of our daily lives and we are connected in so many ways.”

Guests need high-speed capabilities for a number of reasons. “One of the most common things our guests use high speed internet is to stream shows or movies,” she said. “Another one is music while they work out in the gym or work from the lobby.”

Chu—and the hotel’s guests—are happy with the connectivity. “The high-speed internet our hotel uses is not only very fast but also extremely reliable,” she said. “The service and connection itself almost never had any issue and even when there is, customer service is very knowledgeable when something does happen.