Ward Howell USA Rebrands as August Leadership

NEW YORK—Ward Howell USA has changed its name to August Leadership. The new brand positions the firm as a unique force in executive search worldwide.

“The purpose of the rebrand was to break from traditional roots, which we will always appreciate and respect, and point the firm to true north in terms of optimizing relevance in today’s marketplace; this also allows us to continue being strategic advisors to our clients from a big picture perspective, versus just an industry silo, and add real value,” Ken Greger, partner in the Travel & Hospitality practice, August Leadership, told Hotel Business. “Ultimately, these attributes aren’t found in a name alone—it has to be in the mindset and culture of the firm. Our rebranding is a statement to that effect.”

The executive search industry was established in the U.S. in the 1950s by management consultants. In the last 60 years, little has changed in the way search firms operate. In 2020, clients and candidates demand and deserve something better. Several industry leaders and the Ward Howell USA partners have joined forces and disrupted the traditional models, according to the company. The firm has an integrated global platform that is attracting players in search.

“The word ‘August’ conveys someone who is respected, dignified and impressive. Our clients tell us that we deliver ‘August’ leaders, focusing on relationships rather than transactions. We’re doing our life’s work to help our clients do theirs,” said Asad Haider, CEO, August Leadership.

“Diversity is at our core. We come from many countries, backgrounds and life journeys. We know how to bring diversity to an organization. We’ve done this in our own firm, where two-thirds of the board are women, and we always present a diverse slate,” said Kimberly Bishop, chairman advisory board/managing partner.

August Leadership is a global executive search firm headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide.