UrVenue launches industry’s first PXMS

UrVenue has introduced UV Enterprise, the next generation of its platform to monetize and manage experience-based inventory across an entire property. Just like a property-management system (PMS), which manages an entire property’s room inventory, UV Enterprise, a property experience management system (PXMS), is a full-stack technology platform that provides hospitality leaders the ability to sell, yield and operate on-property experiences.

In a 2021 study with YouGov, 85% of luxury leisure travelers said they would book additional experiences in advance with a single shopping cart experience. UrVenue enables guests to book all available experiences throughout the resort and throughout their stay in a single, unified booking cart and allows hospitality operators to manage all outlet inventory and service all guests in a single platform.

“After more than two years of evolving our industry-leading venue management system, we are very proud to be the pioneers of hospitality’s first PXMS,” said Deron Pearson, CEO, UrVenue. “We believe UV Enterprise is a game changer, fully capable of standing alone as its own hotel technology classification. Managing each experience on a different, siloed system is a real pain point for resort operations and their customers. UV Enterprise manages them all in one place, making the PXMS an integral part of resort operations, just like the PMS.”

UV Enterprise has four core capabilities:

  • Commerce: Monetize experience-based inventory with a robust booking and ticketing solution that upsells, cross-sells and packages live inventory.
  • Operations: Streamline property-wide operations, boost team productivity, centralize guest data and elevate the guest experience.
  • Insights: Leverage an analytics layer across the entire enterprise to provide commerce and operations insights for every team.
  • Knowledge management: Ensure every system, team, guest touchpoint and third party can securely access vital enterprise data in real-time.

UV Enterprise also includes multiple new and advanced features:

  • Itinerary builder: Give guests the ability to book every experience under one roof in a unified booking cart and empower employees to book the same experiences on behalf of guests in the guest services dashboard
  • Interactive 3D seating maps: Inspire guests with detailed renderings of venues and empower them to choose the exact location of their VIP table or cabana
  • Distribution channels: Target guest segments with customized pricing and inventory and manage distribution channels, including third-party resellers, with ease
  • Revenue management: Yield prices, daypart inventory and segment customers with automated tools
  • Comprehensive payment methods: Employ a variety of payment options tailored to your experience—reservations, secured reservations, deposits, food and beverage minimums or full pre-payments
  • Partner integrations: Connect the dots between all key guest touchpoints with 30+ integrations with POS, PMS, payment and other best-in-class partners

Prior to its official launch, UV Enterprise has been piloted by Las Vegas resorts.

“Circa Resort and Casino has the largest sports betting experiences in the world, and we were one of the first clients to pilot UV Enterprise,” said Derek Stevens, owner/CEO, Circa Resort & Casino. “Our sports viewing inventory is unique and sporting events happen at all times of the day, often at the same time. Therefore, we need a versatile platform that not only allows us to sell multiple sporting events concurrently, but also allows us to daypart and resell the same inventory throughout the day, maximizing utilization of our inventory and providing our guests with options that work best for them. We also leverage UV Enterprise’s yielding capability, which automatically increases prices alongside demand, driving incremental revenue for our sportsbook and Stadium Swim. We even use UV Enterprise in our lounge Legacy Club, and it’s a very unique feature that lets us sell sunset packages to the exact minute the sun sets each day in Las Vegas.”

Michael Gruber, chief content officer, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, said, “I have worked with UrVenue and its founder, Cedric Ancellin, for many years, starting at Drai’s and Caesars Entertainment, and now in my role at The Venetian. As a long-term partner, I’ve seen the system grow from its start in nightclubs, lounges and pools to the robust, property-wide platform it is today. Not only does UV Enterprise elevate the guest experience, it allows us to monetize our unique inventory and drive significant revenue growth.”

Bo Bernhard, VP, economic development, UNLV and executive director of UNLV International Gaming Institute, said, “Las Vegas is the intellectual gaming and resort capital of the world. It is known for understanding what its customers want and for driving innovation on a large scale. Therefore, it is no surprise that UrVenue, a local hospitality technology company, worked in lockstep with its gaming and resort partners to launch UV Enterprise, and in the process invented a new technology category—the PXMS. Las Vegas’ seal of approval means it is ready to be exported to rest of the hospitality industry.”