Upholstery That Uplifts

These upholstery products are keeping up with not only design trends but sustainability and safety protocols as the industry evolves. Here’s a look at the recent innovations, drawing inspiration from nature and consumer demands:

Cruise Voyages—Kravet

Kravet Contract introduces a new decorative lifestyle collection of drapery and multipurpose fabric, Kravet Cruise Voyages. Intended for the cruise and hospitality markets, these fabrics meet all IMO requirements, as well as pass NFPA 701 standards. Many of the fabrics in this collection are wide width, featuring new graphic designs and textures.

“Kravet collaborated with Studio Dado in Miami to understand the cruise marketplace,” said Scott Kravet, principal of Kravet. “This partnership allowed us to coordinate our aesthetics and vision to bring a comprehensive offering that suits the needs of the IMO standards, yet brings the comforts of home to the cruise industry. The collection was based on their experience in the cruise arena that allowed us to use a variety of sources. The aesthetics are clean, modern, serene and functional. The color palette is calming and sophisticated. The collection holds together as a complete offering, including upholstery, sheers and multipurpose fabrics for staterooms, suites and public areas. Kravet Cruise Voyages is given the Wheel status without losing its highly decorative properties and will also be offered in other contract venues, and offered in Kravet showrooms to our residential designers as well.”

Raia and Encircle—Designtex

Designtex introduces Raia and Encircle, two new upholstery coated fabrics designed to bring balance to its environments through the use of materials that reference the restorative patterns, forms, textures and colors of nature. Raia is available in seven colors. Encircle is available in six colors.

“Raia and Encircle were created to meet the most stringent needs of healthcare environments, which include constant use, high durability and the ability to withstand the usage of healthcare-grade cleaners and disinfectants, while still maintaining their organic, biophilic design aesthetics that apply to hospitality, workplace and other environments,” said Sara Balderi, principal designer for Designtex.

Copper Shield by Pro-Tech—Fil Doux Textiles

Fil Doux Textiles and Otratex, a degradable vinyl alternative, have debuted Copper Shield by Pro-Tech, a copper-based layer that provides an antimicrobial shield in tandem with the company’s Pro-Tech stain defense. Otratex—The Conscious Choice—is made with natural enzymes embedded in the material that creates enhanced degradability. Within 30 years, the material fully decomposes when placed in an anaerobic environment such as a landfill, returning to the natural elements that comprise it. The Otratex collection, along with the brand’s vast array of fabrics, can be treated with Fil Doux Textiles’ proprietary protectants, Pro-Tech, Pro-Tech Plus and now Copper Shield by Pro-Tech, for increased durability and meeting the rising needs of the industry.

“We always look to nature first at Fil Doux Textiles—and strive to leave the smallest footprint that we can. Humans have known about copper and its natural antimicrobial properties for centuries, and this mineral is abundant and accessible in Chile. We chose to introduce Copper Shield by Pro-Tech to showcase the mineral’s naturally beneficial properties to the hospitality market. Providing a non-chemical antimicrobial alternative as a part of our daily pursuit for a safer and healthier world continues to build upon our brand’s sustainable legacy,” said Leo Novik, founder/CEO of Fil Doux Textiles.

The Debut Collection—LebaTex

The Debut Collection is a Crypton Barrier Fabric collection, the only fabric designated by the EPA to be disinfected. The fabric is stocked with Crypton technology. However, it can be alternatively finished with Nanotex.

“A popular trend at the past Heimtextil show in Germany was layered, multicolored designs. This effect produced an attractive balance that allowed each piece to adapt to its setting. The Debut Collection was designed to be versatile, not only with layered, multi-colored patterns and textures, but also with the ability to be woven with Crypton or Nanotex technologies,” said Stacy Garcia, owner/CEO of LebaTex.

Nakata and Stroma—Wolf-Gordon

Nakata and Stroma were born of a Wolf-Gordon Design Studio focus on designing with nature. Influenced by exhibitions during 2019 in Milan and New York that analyzed themes of “Broken Nature” (Milan Triennale), “The Marvels of Nature” (Palazzo Reale) and “Nature: Collaborations in Design” (Cooper Hewitt), the Studio reflected on how these current themes could impact the product line.

“As our health and the environment is top of mind, my starting point for Nakata and Stroma was to think about the way in which climate change is being combated—from reducing Co2 emissions to replanting trees. Referencing images of trees taken by a photographer from my hometown in Germany, as well as microscopic views of wood, I redrew these inspirations as abstract and organic patterns that are subtle with a very quiet sense of movement,” said Kathrin Hagge, senior designer for Wolf-Gordon.