Two keys to clean hotel pillows: pillowcases and pillow protectors

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When shopping for hotel linens, you’ll face a lot of choices.

Fitted sheets or flat sheets?

What towel weight is correct?

And do hotel pillows really need pillow protectors if they have pillowcases?

Below, we’ll tackle that last question, explaining why your hotel, cruise line, resort or industrial laundry facility needs hotel-quality pillowcases and pillow protectors.

Pillowcases vs. Pillow Protectors

Sure, pillowcases and pillow protectors both cover pillows, but they actually serve two different purposes.

What Do Pillow Protectors Do?

As the name suggests, pillow protectors protect pillows. From what? Sweat stains, skin cells, hair, water, spills, etc. Their waterproof yet breathable material creates a hygienic barrier that keeps hotel pillows cleaner for longer. Some, like our Pillow Protectors by Healthy Sleep Advantage even offer a Bug Guard Zipper Enclosure System to keep out allergens and, most importantly, bed bugs.

What Do Pillow Cases Do?

Pillowcases are a pillow’s first line of defense against crumbs, skin cells, dust, hair and skin oils. Always changed between guests, they work together with coordinating sheets and duvets to create a fresh, clean bed. Pillowcases come in a variety of fabric options and styles to easily match your room theme or hotel decor. White is the standard though, as it shouts cleanliness to your guests.

Why Hotels Need Pillow Cases & Pillow Protectors

There are two main reasons why your property should use pillowcases and pillow protectors to keep hotel pillows clean.

1. It’s More Hygienic to Use Both

Simply put, pillows stay cleaner when you use both.

Using only one means missing out on features the other has to offer. For example, solely relying on pillowcases makes your pillows more prone to sweat stains, bed bugs and spills.

On the flip side, only relying on pillow protectors would leave your hotel pillows looking and feeling strange. After all, guests don’t want to see a zipper on the bed or place their heads on waterproof fabric.

2. It’s More Convenient to Use Both

Pillowcases and pillow covers follow different laundry cycles. Pillowcases should be changed out between guests. Pillow covers, which must be zipped over a pillow, can stay on pillows longer. Most hotels put pillow protectors on their cyclical laundry schedule—only washing them when they become visibly soiled or monthly/quarterly.

If you only use pillow protectors, you’d need to remove them and wash them after each guest, which takes far more time than removing a pillowcase. If you only used pillowcases, you’d need to wash your pillows more often, which is also a time-intensive task.

When hotels use pillow protectors and pillowcases, they’re left with a more convenient and hygienic way to prolong the life of the hotel’s pillows and keep their guests happy.

Venus Helps Keep Hotel Pillows Fresh & Clean

Venus’ collection of luxury hotel linens includes a variety of hotel pillowcases and pillow protectors that offer the durability, comfort and longevity you need. Our patented Performance Twill Pillowcases even last for up to 200 launderings. Need help with choosing the right hotel pillow linens? Simply give us a call at 800.421.6599 or email us at [email protected].


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