Tripadvisor: Americans will hang on to summer holidays

As spring showers are finally making way for warmer days and the school summer break is just a couple of months away, many are eager to book their vacation—if they haven’t done so already.

Tripadvisor‘s Summer Travel Index, using a combination of search and sentiment data, has revealed travel trends ahead of the busy summer season and where Americans plan to go.

Americans won’t sacrifice their precious summer vacation
While inflation is a significant concern for the majority of Americans, more than three-quarters (74%) report that they are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the rising costs of goods and services, travel remains a top priority with a staggering 86% of U.S. survey respondents planning to travel this year.

In fact, so determined are they to have that all-important getaway, they are more than willing to make other sacrifices to ensure that they can afford it. Food deliveries (57%) and nights out (54%) are top for the chop as Americans make cuts to non-essential spending in order to fund their travel this year.

Despite money woes hitting many at the moment, 92% of U.S. respondents say that they are planning to spend at least the same or more on travel this summer.

Domestic trips still dominating; Mexico remains most popular international getaway
While Americans are steadfast in their determination for vacation this year, rising costs will have some effect on plans this summer as more than a quarter (32%) say that they are planning to take shorter trips and almost a third (31%) will travel closer to home. Domestic travel is still by far leading the way, as 91% of the Americans who are traveling this summer will take a domestic trip, while 16% will venture internationally.

For those who are looking for an overseas escape this summer, according to Tripadvisor site data which analyzed searches made by U.S travelers for travel over the summer months, nearby Mexico and the Caribbean make up the majority of international trips planned. Cancun, Mexico, is the No. 1 most popular destination American travelers are looking for this summer. “Spring break forever” was once the unofficial Cancun motto, but Mexico’s most famous party town is more than perfect beaches and wild nightclubs.

Other Mexico destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta also rank among the top 10 international destinations Americans will visit this summer. Across the pond, Paris and London, the only European cities top of mind for Americans this summer, rank as No. 5 and 6, respectively.

Here in the U.S., Orlando comes out on top as the most popular destination for summer travel. Always popular, interest in Orlando is rising during summer vacation across the U.S. As theme parks have reopened and welcomed travelers in droves, we can expect the activity to continue this summer. Seven different states, from New York all the way to Hawaii, appear among top summer destinations this year, so we can expect busy roads and skies throughout the U.S.

Greener travel: Americans yet to put their money where their mouth is
A lot has changed since the pandemic hit more than two years ago. As the world was locked down and planes were grounded, the effect of travel on the planet became an even more hot topic. However, as the next few months mark the first summer in two years that travelers will really get back out there and see the world again, is sustainability still top of mind?

Tripadvisor’s Summer Travel Index shows that while more than half (58%) of Americans think sustainable travel is more important than it was pre-pandemic, this isn’t translating to action, as almost two-thirds (64%) have not yet spent more on sustainable travel. And while nearly half (42%) of U.S. travelers worry about their carbon footprint when planning travel, 64% said they have done absolutely nothing to offset it.

It’s not all bad though, a whopping 85% state that they practice some sustainable habits while traveling, including eating and shopping locally at destinations, and traveling closer to home. And while they haven’t yet done it, almost two-thirds (65%) of travelers say they’re open to spending more to travel sustainably in the future.