Traditional to Holistic: There Are Options For Everyone at This NYC Hotel

NEW YORK—It’s not too often a guest hears “Salty Suite” as a guestroom option. But, HGU New York is offering that, and more.

Options like these suites —which include amenities like air purifying salt lamps, night lights, shot glasses and soaks—are just one of the wellness offerings at HGU, but now, through a partnership with luxury wellness center Modrn Sanctuary, there’s much more “me time” to be had.

“I originally went to Modrn Sanctuary to experience their Somadome—a stand-alone guided meditation chair that I was curious to try—but when I arrived, I knew that I had discovered a very special place,” said ML Perlman, executive director of lifestyle and wellness at HGU New York. “Once we heard the philosophy of Modrn Sanctuary’s founder and her vision for curating a balanced selection of traditional and holistic treatments, we knew this was a perfect fit for our hotel and our guests.”


Services range from more traditional to holistic with something for every type of traveler. HGU partners with other wellness providers, but what makes Modrn Sanctuary different is that it takes this holistic approach, Perlman said.

“The experiences provided to guests go beyond the expected hotel spa treatments,” she said. “As the wellness industry evolves and guests seek new experiences to aid in their wellbeing, HGU New York identifies new ways to fulfill those guests’ needs.” The more daring might try a Sensory 7 Light Sound Energy Therapy in-room session—Perlman’s personal recommendation—a treatment utilizing sound, vibration and lights for multiple types of healing.

For the beginner wellness guest, massages are also available and are equally relaxing. Perlman also said the Himalayan Salt Room available at the Modrn Sanctuary location is a great place to start and especially helpful during cold and flu season.

Modrn Sanctuary

“The process of wellness is one of self-discovery; each individual finds their own path of what feels right to them both in the moment and over time,” Perlman said. “Modrn Sanctuary’s team of experts are an excellent resource for some of our guests who are unsure about the type of experience that is right for them.”

Somadome and the Himalayan Salt Room Experience are offered at Modrn Sanctuary’s NoMad location nearby the hotel.

“We have embraced the expertise of our wellness partners to bring our guests not only the services they desire as part of their established routine, but also we have found our guests love to experience something new that they have never tried,” Perlman said. “Further, from a design standpoint, the Modrn Sanctuary space feels like a chic downtown loft residence, which is very much in keeping with our hotel’s vision to make our space feel more residential. Our guests often express to us that they feel like they are ‘coming home’ when they return to us.”

Sensory 7 Light Sound Energy Therapy

From the business traveler who needs jet lag relief and rehydration to the athlete who seeks muscle recovery and mental acuity, Perlman said, through this partnership, there is truly an option for all.

“Our experience is that our guests understand the power of a wellness practice to improve their lives on a day-to-day basis, and these guests do not want to discontinue their practice while they travel,” she said. “Simply put, our guests desire access to wellness options as part of a four-star boutique luxury hotel service.”