Top 5 Benefits of a Paid Upgrade Program

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NATIONAL REPORT—Delivering five-star service requires front desk agents to maximize every guest interaction, viewing it as an opportunity to offer a better experience. Programs that put this goal forward, while giving hotels and their employees the opportunity to reach their full potential of profitability and professionalism, deliver a major advantage in the hospitality industry.

A paid upgrade program that transforms the front desk team into service-minded sales professionals and rewards guests with premium accommodations, increases employees’ monthly income and improves their quality of life, and boosts a hotel’s incremental revenue is a win-win-win for all involved while also creating an enviable workplace environment where innovation and satisfaction thrive.

  1. Elevated Guest Satisfaction Drives Loyalty
    Guests who receive value that genuinely elevates their stay become more loyal customers who are likely to share their praise with friends and family. Conversely, guest satisfaction drops 63 points below average when a guest does not experience additional services or amenities during their hotel stay, according to a J.D. Power report.
  2. Increased Incremental Revenue Through Service-Based Sales
    This starts with re-imagining the front desk as a place that can drive revenue by spurring the sale of under-utilized and under-performing premium rooms. This can be successful for hotels of all shapes, sizes and markets because of the customization of room upgrades that can be offered at an individual property. “There’s a persistent belief that service and sales are different things, but they are closer to the same when done properly—when guests feel served, not sold,” explained Geoffrey Toffetti, president & chief marketing officer, FPG.
  3. Game-Changing Advantages for Employees—Skills, Money & Enrichment
    One of the biggest advantages of a paid upgrade program is the exceptionally positive impact on hotel employees, from their deeper loyalty to the hotel, to increased life-changing income in their pockets and a new-found professional skill set that allows them to reimagine career goals. When front desk employees are incentivized to offer room upgrades to improve the guest stay, the resulting boost in income can truly enrich their lives. Taking that dream vacation. Sending their children to a better school. Providing better care for aging relatives. This enrichment results in profound engagement and loyalty to a hotel, thereby reducing turnover, which also saves hotels money.
  4. Become the Envy of the Industry by Creating an Inspiring Culture
    That shift in mindset is essential to cultivating an enviable workplace culture because when employees recognize and appreciate that hotels are creating an environment that encourages their development, a strong sense of loyalty takes root. A paid upgrade program that focuses equally on producing financial reward—for both employees and hotels—and believing in the potential of people generates an engaged, respectful culture where gaining a real sense of value, felt by employees and guests, is paramount.
  5. Improved Operational Efficiency by Tapping Technology
    When it comes to bolstering a hotel’s operating efficiency, leaders often look to technology for assistance, and it is no different for a paid upgrade program. When a technology platform streamlines processes, makes communication easy, allows keen oversight of performance, and helps guide strategy—and when this can all be done on-site or via mobile—the paid upgrade program can reach new heights of efficiency and success.

Not all paid upgrade programs are created equal, but when there’s a significant emphasis on value—from how to effectively sell, to the distinctive benefits enjoyed by guests and employees—hotels gain a huge competitive advantage.

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