Ties to Tucson

The Tuxon, set to debut this summer in Tucson, AZ, has joined Marriott International’s Design Hotels portfolio, and is the first Design Hotels property in the state. We dived in deeper with co-creators of The Tuxon, Vishal and Sunny Patel, who gave us a look into their connection to the inaugural property, their inspirations and how hints of the city adorn the hotel’s walls.

Tucson native, Vishal, explained that his goal was to invest in the community that helped to raise him, with an authentic concept that embraces both the history and present of the American Southwest.

“The Tuxon, scheduled to open in summer 2020, is the ultimate reflection of its surroundings, a unique blend of environments that perfectly balances the city’s dynamic cultural scene with its storied desert roots,” Vishal said. “We’re bringing to life a new space driven by design and lifestyle, catering to a new generation of travelers.”

The 112 guestrooms are complete with wood fixtures, framed photography and artwork celebrating a desert connection.

“The style that we are working to achieve is ‘Southwestern Desert Chic,’ where the color and materials stay true to the look and feel of Tucson, but with a modern twist,” Sunny said. “The Tuxon is inspired by our collective experiences traveling the country and staying in roadside motels, as well as the communities of Palm Springs, Santa Fe and Austin, just to name a few. But this property is all about Tucson.”

Also lined up are color palettes, materials, textures and finishes all inspired by the region’s American-Mexican and Native American roots, along with rustic gray wood fixtures, saddled leather, potted local succulents and artwork in the guestrooms.

The Tuxon will also have The Welcome Building, the first newly built structure on-site that will serve as the “heart” of the property according to Vishal, which includes the check-in area, office space, bar, market and other social areas.

“We sought to modernize the look and feel of the building while maintaining classic elements that connect The Tuxon to the city of Tucson and its desert surroundings,” Sunny said.

All of these features play into what truly makes the The Tuxon a Design Hotels property—creating spaces that connect.

“We are of the same mind as The Tuxon team when we think about creating communities and inspired spaces for them,” said Markus Schreyer, VP of the Americas, Design Hotels. “We love championing visionaries like Vishal and Sunny, who are bringing an entirely new experience to their hometown of Tucson.”

Schreyer added, “It’s a brand new destination for Design Hotels, so that’s always exciting. To get to introduce Tucson through the unique lens of these two hoteliers is a rare opportunity. To see their representation of their place in the world and to welcome guests into the fold drives what we do.”

Schreyer believes the hotel’s local flavors will entice guests to explore more of what’s around them, and inspire trips that last longer than the stay itself.

“The Tuxon is a perfect example of the motel revitalization projects we are seeing across the United States,” Schreyer said. “It’s great to see new life given to these charismatic properties. What we love most—and think guests will too—is the local connection. From the art and design, to programming and F&B, you want to feel the roots of this desert city.”

“More and more, guests will be traveling with purpose,” Schreyer said. “They will want to take something experiential, educational or inspirational home (which goes beyond a typical hotel stay) and also contribute to the community they were visiting.”