Three ways to modernize your hotel business without disruption

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Innovating hotel technology can be both exciting and intimidating, but the benefits of elevating your hotel’s digital experiences extend far beyond your guestrooms. Of course, new technology can help you deliver the self-serve experiences today’s guests expect—but technology can also help streamline workflows and lighten staff workloads. ​

In fact, according to BotShot, around 93% of hoteliers see major boosts in operational efficiency with the use of new technology.​

However, the drawback for many hoteliers is the concern over downtime during deployment. ​

Will it mean rooms being out-of-commission for installation? Will it mean a rolling impact as technology is implemented one property at a time, and an inconsistent brand experience in the meantime? ​

It doesn’t have to—and these tips can help.​

  • Integrate with existing technology rather than replacing it

Technology that works with hardware or software you already have—such as in-room TVs or back-end systems—can minimize downtime and expense.​

  • Empower self-serve experiences

Prioritizing technology that powers self-service can give guests a modern experience while easing staff workloads.​

  • Seek partners with a history of ongoing innovation

Considering long-term value of will help you choose technology you can implement once and upgrade in the future, minimizing disruption down the line. ​

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