Three factors to consider when buying hotel linens

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In the hotel business, details matter. Especially when we’re talking about linens. Your customers expect to fall back into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day. And, of course, you want to deliver a better night of sleep while still making wise financial decisions for your business.

To do that, it’s helpful to understand how bed linens are produced.  Then you’ll know what characteristics to look for—and what not to be fooled by—when selecting linens that last for your hotel.

What to consider when choosing hotel bed linens

Thread count

Did you know that a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better sheets? Well, it’s true.

Thread count reflects the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. In general, as you increase thread count, a sheet’s softness and durability increases too, but only to a certain point. Higher thread count sheets also have a tighter weave, so they lack the breathability and cooling benefits many guests look for in sheets. That’s why a 400-thread-count sheet could very well be just as soft as and much more durable and breathable than a 1,600-thread-count sheet.

Quality consideration 

To evaluate a sheet’s quality, you need to consider how it’s woven together. The actual fabric of the sheet is a weave composed of warp threads and weft threads. Warp threads run lengthwise, and weft threads run widthwise.

To achieve a higher-thread-count sheet, many manufacturers will play with the warp and weft of multi-ply thread. This often decreases the overall durability and quality of the sheets. The linens may seem nice until they’ve gone through a few washes. Then the sheets start to wear out, and you have to replace them.

That’s why durability is key when considering a sheet’s quality.


Finally, you’ll need to pay close attention to sizing when selecting sheets for your hotel. Sheets are not one-size-fits-all, especially if you have extra-deep mattresses or mattress pads on your hotel beds. Consider the length, width and depth of your hotel’s mattresses before purchasing new sheets.

Better yet, work with a linen manufacturer that has custom production capabilities to meet your hotel’s unique needs. The last thing you want is guests complaining about their fitted sheets slipping off the corners of the bed, or housekeeping taking longer to clean each room because the sheets won’t stay put.

Your source for quality and custom bed linens

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