Thankful for Bed Bug Prevention

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Thanksgiving is just about here and this season projects to be a busy one. CNN reports that this Thanksgiving “is expected to be the third busiest since AAA started tracking travel volume in 2000.” This increase in travel (airline, car and public transportation) will result in an increase in bookings as families converge across the country. It is one of the last truly busy time periods for the hospitality industry before the downtick of activity from the winter season. Unfortunately, bed bugs are making their way into luggage and onto pant legs with this massive surge in travel. These unwanted hitchhikers can spoil a hotel stay during what for many could be a stressful time. Thankfully, bed bug prevention is available to protect both our guests and our staff.

This upcoming hectic travel period reminds us that it is important to provide that feeling of safety and support to both guests and coworkers. One of the ways hotel management can provide this “security blanket” is by installing active mattress liners like ActiveGuard® on your hotel beds, and providing staff members with liners to take home with them. The liners installed at your hotel will prevent hitchhiking bed bugs from turning an introduction of a few bugs into a full-blown infestation representing hundreds if not thousands. These liners provided to staff will assist in preventing any bed bugs from traveling between work and home.

The J.D. Power 2020 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index (NAGSI) Study found that guests really value room cleanliness as it represents a key driver in guest satisfaction. Guests associate bed bugs in a hotel room as a cleanliness issue, which is unfortunate because bed bugs do not discriminate regarding levels of cleanliness. Any potential sign of bed bug activity will likely result in associating your brand with dirtiness and unsanitary conditions. Protect guests from bed bug encounters by making certain their beds have liners installed to stop bed bug infestations.

Continuing the theme of thankfulness, we must acknowledge our fellow coworkers in hospitality. We all recognize how valuable our staffs are to our hotels, especially due to the staff shortages that have plagued the industry this year.  Our staffs are invaluable to the smooth operation of our hotels, and their interaction with guests can spearhead securing future bookings. Providing an ActiveGuard Mattress Liner to your staff will provide them reassurance that they will not bring any unwanted guests back home with them from their hotel. The psychological impact of a bed bug infestation is enormous, so the best way to support your staff from this anxiety during a hectic time period is to make sure they feel safe!

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