Technology Vendors Enter Partnerships

NATIONAL REPORT—Technology vendors are entering partnerships with each other and with hotel companies. Here’s a closer look at the recent news:

TPG Hotels & Resorts Selects Infor Hospitality to Standardize Processes
TPG Hotels & Resorts has selected Infor to standardize property management systems and provide a single source of data across its independent hotel portfolio. With Infor, the organization will now have consistency across its property technology platform, making it easier to manage daily processes. TPG Hotels & Resorts will be able to eliminate previously siloed systems and better manage operations throughout reservations, the front desk, housekeeping, concierge and accounting, unifying roles into a single application.

Infor Hospitality Management Solutions (HMS) will provide TPG Hotels & Resorts with a more complete solution for managing multiple hotel functions at seven independent properties. Specifically, Infor HMS will facilitate faster day-to-day processes. Infor’s technology, designed specifically for hoteliers, combines functionality to manage guests, rooms, rates, reservations and distribution.

Journera Collaborates with Impala
Journera, the real-time data exchange platform, has a new collaboration with Impala, the platform securely transmitting hotel data to a hotel’s technology partners. Hotels using top property management systems such as Oracle Opera, Protel, Infor HMS, Mews and others can now connect to the Journera platform easily and securely, according to the company. Once connected, hotels can leverage Journera’s patented platform to get a better real-time view of their guests’ full journey and provide more seamless experiences for their customers.

The integration will allow hotel management and front-line customer service staff to plan for a wide range of travel events that impact customer experience, from late flight departures and early arrivals, to rebooked flights and cancelled flights. The Journera platform will help hotels plan for early- and late-check-ins, rush times and unexpected changes. Hotels will also be able to better plan for the ebbs and flows in staffing required to clean and prepare rooms based on customer arrival times.

TraknProtect Partners with Safety NetAccess
TraknProtect has a new partnership with Safety NetAccess, a guest internet and hospitality solutions provider. The safety button platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry, TraknProtect’s solution helps hotels comply with their local or state laws for employee safety compliance, while also complying with the AHLA’s 5-Star Promise. TraknProtect safety solution can help hotel employees summon assistance quickly and accurately to their location at the touch of a button.

Safety NetAccess’ business model complements TraknProtect’s IoT real-time location tracking platform, which also includes inventory tracking, room tray tracking and vendor tracking. Offering integration with existing TraknProtect partners, such as Aruba and Ruckus, Safety NetAccess can further extend the seamless installation and service. Additionally, the TraknProtect employee safety platform will be integrated into the Safety NetAccess Portal (SNAP), which offers centralized management, authentication and reporting.