Tech Companies Offer Enhanced Solutions to Help Hoteliers Amid COVID-19

Technology companies are innovating to help hoteliers navigate through COVID-19. These are some of the recent enhancements to technology offerings.

ProfitSword Launches Hospitality Recovery Dashboard 
ProfitSword has unveiled its designing of an advanced hospitality market performance dashboard that can aggregate real-time metrics from businesses across the industry to present a comprehensive analysis of how recovery efforts are progressing and what hoteliers can expect from the marketplace in upcoming months. Created using ProfitSword’s ProfitAbility platform, the dashboard is significantly able to leverage cutting-edge business intelligence abilities to provide hoteliers with greater predictability and clarity over what their own business priorities might be in order to more confidently strategize informed plans that preserve or strengthen revenue-earning abilities.

Through an aggregation of a diverse range of performance-related data from ProfitSword’s portfolio of more than 4,000 hotels across the U.S., the dashboard is able to provide industry professionals with an array of key performance indicators, via the use of several detailed graphs, that give an accurate depiction of current market health. This includes providing statistics on occupancy by week and by state, as well as ADR by month and by state during the last 30 days. Other metrics further include total F&B revenue and occupancy by month, along with a RevPAR forecast by quarter.

Industry-wide statistics for the hospitality market currently reflect a projected occupancy forecast of 33.89%  for August, with a slight improvement for September at 36.31% followed by October with 41.58%. For the month of July, total F&B revenue was recorded at more than $54,000,000, showing a steady increase month over month. The dashboard also features a ranking of the best performing states by ADR during the last 30 days, with Delaware currently topping the list and followed by Hawaii, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington and California.

Duetto Launches New Tools To Optimize Hotel Revenue Opportunities
Duetto released three new functions to its Revenue Strategy Platform. Designed to help hotels speed up key business processes while simultaneously giving revenue teams even more control over their rate strategies, the new enhancements have been created in direct response to customer feedback received during the current pandemic.

The first function is AutoPilot Schedule. This new functionality in Duetto GameChanger allows revenue managers to choose which segments are on AutoPilot and when. Users can now automate chosen segments based on date range, days before arrival, days of the week, committed occupancy, demand occupancy or any combination of these.

The second function is Restriction Rules, a way to create, manage and deploy restrictions across properties, room types and segments. Now, a Restriction Rule takes only a few minutes to set up or change and can be deployed at scale manually or fully automated for maximum efficiency via AutoPilot.

The third is the Notification Center. This enables customers to define which metrics are most important to track, set the benchmark or trigger for the alert, and determine who should be notified. The ability to define the benchmark period of time is critical now when STLY is no longer relevant, according to the company. Duetto customers can now customize the reference period, for example, to look at the last seven days, and receive notifications as soon as current booking levels fall behind the benchmark period.

The September release is the first led by Duetto’s new Chief Product Officer, Cheryl Chavez. She joined Duetto in March, and has spent the last 10-plus years working on Marketing Automation products.

Enseo Launches New Touchless Technology 
Enseo has earned more than 10 new patents in 2020, including multiple patents related to touchless technology and remote control. This year, Enseo has 78 total patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The most recent patents enable Enseo’s remote support of its 250,000 installations around the world and the new solutions of Touchless Technology for a touchless guest experience. Enseo and sister company, Catapult Technologies, have been innovating and operating for 20 years. Enseo and Catapult Tech have created a comprehensive suite of solutions that are continuously evolving, including the SITE property management tool, room control technology, IoT, and enseoConnect.

EnseoConnect transforms guests’ mobile phones into a controller for their hotel room. This allows guests to control the TV, lights, thermostat and even get status updates on the sanitization time and procedures that were used in a particular hotel room.