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How Hoteliers Can Win with Gen Z, Millennials

SAN FRANCISCO—Gen Z and millennials are willing to spend big for superior service, according to a recent report. But, how can hoteliers effectively capture
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Study: Gen Z Consumers Prefer Grab-and-Go Dining Concepts

CHICAGO—What does the next generation of travelers want out of F&B concepts? A new study from Y-Pulse examines young consumers’ interest in grab-and-go dining.
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No Matter the Generation, It’s About the Experience

It’s the August 21 issue, which also means it’s our annual brands issue. We bring you the results of our brands and franchise fees
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Study: Gen Z Travelers Open to Influence, Inspiration

BELLEVUE, WA—New insights released by Expedia Group Media Solutions, the advertising arm of Expedia Group, illustrate the behaviors, attitudes and influences of younger travelers
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Study: More Than Half of Gen Z Wants to Pursue Work in Hospitality

WASHINGTON, DC—A new report shows that more than 50% of the Gen Z demographic—the largest generation in the U.S.—is interested in pursuing a career
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Survey: Younger Travelers Can’t Leave Home Without Netflix, IoT, Apps

NEW YORK—More than 46 million Americans will travel for the July 4th holiday and Domio, a tech-enabled hospitality company, took a look at the
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