Standard Textile launches quick, easy solution for box springs

Standard Textile has introduced a solution for hoteliers and housekeepers to make their jobs easier and more efficient. The Encircle box spring cover allows for easy covering of a box spring without having to remove the mattress or lift the box spring in order to put the cover in place, according to the company.

“Hotels have a lot to consider these days when creating clean, fresh, comfortable rooms,” said Joshua Frankel, VP, Standard Textile Interiors Group. “Encircle box spring cover was developed as a way to quickly refresh and modernize the look of the bed and the entire room without placing additional stress on busy housekeeping staff or adding significant expense. Encircle can be easily installed, uninstalled and reinstalled in minutes, avoiding the need to lift the mattress and unmake the bed.  Encircle covers the four sides of the box spring without the need to lift the mattress. Elastic around the bottom and top corners keeps the cover from popping off the box spring, creating a smooth, tidy appearance.”

Saving both dollars and physical effort are key today; both are made possible by Encircle’s innovative design. The design also provides a clean appearance, especially important to guests who are hyper-focused on safety.

“In addition to the installation, the design is innovative,” Frankel said. “The four-way knitted stretch allows Encircle to accommodate various heights of box springs, from 5 in. to 14 in. and allows a 2-in. tolerance for length and width to ensure a smooth fit. Properties typically do not have one standard box spring size, so when a property is updating their beds, it requires the property to purchase different unique sizes. Encircle eliminates that need.”

Frankel noted that while cleanliness remains a hot topic in hospitality, guests don’t want to walk into a sterile environment void of color and design.

“Encircle brings color and warmth to the room,” Frankel said. “Encircle can also be custom-printed which provides boundless possibilities while addressing cleanliness with the ability to remove it for easy washing and installation.”

He added, “Designing a product for style and comfort that meets cleanliness needs is essential in today’s environment.  That is why we worked hard to ensure Encircle was designed for easy removal for laundering, making it a great solution for eliminating germs and dirt. You just pull the box spring cover up and over the mattress and toss it right into the laundry.”

Stock covers are available in two colors (Magnesium and Sand) with a basket weave pattern, which can also be custom-colored to match a room. Encircle is available in the following sizes: king, hotel king, queen and full.

“Encircle offers added value. It is designed to accommodate nearly any box spring size, is customizable and is easy to install,” Frankel said.

Encircle can also be easily and quickly removed for laundering, and its durable construction holds up to the rigors of industrial processing.

“We kept the housekeeper in mind when designing Encircle,” Frankel said. “We recognize housekeepers work hard and wanted to create a solution that made their job easier to accomplish. The easy installation of Encircle does not require the heavy lifting of the mattress and can be installed without unmaking the bed. And if it gets dirty, it can be removed quickly and easily for washing… Encircle is a product that checks all the boxes for affordability, customizability and versatility.”