Sky Rock Sedona debuts

Sky Rock Sedona has made its debut following an extensive property-wide transformation and transition to a Tribute Portfolio hotel by Marriott.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome guests to the new Sky Rock Sedona and serve as a portal into the destination for guests with our central location, captivating red rock views, sophisticated design, community-driven entertainment, personalized service and locally inspired cuisine,” said GM Maureen Huffman. “Every piece of this hotel’s reimagination was carefully curated with our treasured destination in mind so guests may enjoy an experience that is deeply rooted in Sedona.”

The 109-room boutique hotel, managed by Remington Hospitality, has 360-degree views of Sedona’s Red Rocks, along with Snoopy Rock, Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock, among other formations.

Led by Santa Monica-based Dauntless Development, in collaboration with La Jolla-based design agency, Sixteenfifty, and Los Angeles-based firm, SANDdesign, the property was transformed into a “modern, contemporary retreat that has a sleek and sophisticated style that melds harmoniously with the soulful spirit of Sedona,” according to the company.

Each of the guestrooms were designed to be a sanctuary for guests to retreat to, characterized by neutral tones, handmade leather headboards, minimalist furnishings, custom locally inspired artwork and serene lighting. As a contrast, the lobby is bold and vibrant, featuring standout art pieces, amethyst-encrusted and wood walls, cozy velvet booths and statement furniture pieces that inspire and embody Sedona in a modern and artful way.

“A surprising and magical detail about the project is the amethyst-encrusted wall in the lobby designed to not only provide a stunning piece of Sedona’s natural beauty for all guests to experience, but also provides a magical moment for guests from the second they arrive,” said Amanda Mauceri, SVP, development, Dauntless Development. “Amethyst crystals provide special energy and are known to radiate healing, soothing and serene energy, this piece of art sets a mindfulness tone for guests’ stay and leaves them better than when they arrived.

Bar WooWoo, the property’s signature eatery, features a menu that includes Southwestern-inspired tapas. Other menu highlights include Green Chile Tamale, Navajo Taco and Prickly Pear Glazed Pancita with spicy chicharron ‘dust’, tangy prickly pear sauce, quinoa pilaf, and nopal cactus. Bar WooWoo features a terrace design with a promenade deck, alongside custom hand-crafted furniture and art. The space features lounge seating and offers both indoor and outdoor dining options.

Sky Rock features a number of new amenities and offerings for guests, including:

  • Vortex Hunters: The hotel’s “Vortex Hunters” are experts in the region and offer intuitive service and insider insight when it comes to all things Sedona. They are at guests’ disposal to create curated experiences centered around everything Sedona has to offer—from adventure to transformation and relaxation.
  • The Psychic Shop: Sky Rock’s funky, lobby retail store, The Psychic Shop, features Sedona-inspired snacks and merchandise. Guests of Sky Rock can expect items like Vortex Hunter-branded hats, journals, tote bags, on top of water bottles, fanny packs, and keep-sake clothing, such as sweatshirts and t-shirts.
  • Moonrise Ceremony: To celebrate the magic as the Sedona sunsets and the moonrises, Sky Rock Sedona invites guests to partake in its one-of-a-kind “Moonrise Ceremony” each evening at Bar WooWoo. The Moonrise ritual incorporates a gong made especially for the hotel, a ceremonial speech and complimentary tasters of Bar WooWoo’s signature “Mezcal Moonrise” concoction, which uses Mezcal Union, as its known to have deep spiritual magnetism; Agave Lime Mix; Blueberry Pea Tea Syrup; Pineapple Juice; and is topped with a pineapple garnish that’s lit on fire. During this ceremony at Sky Rock, guests are invited to come up to hit the Gong themselves to clear their energy.
  • On-Call Pet Psychic: As part of Sky Rock’s commitment to holistic well-being, guests have access to an on-call pet psychic. Imagine the joy of understanding your furry companion on a deeper level, as an experienced psychic communicates with them telepathically, addressing their needs and concerns.
  • Vortex Tree: Sky Rock Sedona embodies the destination in every way and is home to an onsite twisted vortex tree. Trees near vortex sites in Sedona are known to have severely twisted trunks and branches—an effect attributed to the strong energy.
  • Wellness + Destination-Centric Experiences: Guests can participate in complimentary daily morning meditation and yoga classes and each evening, partake in a daily Moonrise Ceremony to clear their energy. On a weekly basis, guests can take in the tranquility of Friday night sound healing sessions, soak up the night sky on Saturday evenings with guided stargazing tours, and on Sundays, delve into the mystical with Vortex lessons held in the afternoon.
  • Outdoor Pool: Sky Rock Sedona invites guests to immerse themselves in nature with a variety of outdoor experiences, including a peaceful pool area complete with a heated pool and jacuzzi.