ServRTW Creates COVID-19 Screening Process to Keep Hotels Safe

PHOENIX—Despite the ramp-up of COVID-19 cases, hotels have remained open to house essential workers and those who decide to take a vacation despite the risks of travel. There is always a risk that an employee, guest or vendor could enter a hotel COVID-19 positive, even without symptoms.

ServRX, based here, has created the ServRTW Health Screening and Tracking solution to help companies get their employees back to work during the pandemic. Hoteliers can use it as well to make sure everyone entering the property is symptom-free.

Here’s how it works: Hotel employees and guests (including vendors) can access a self-reporting cloud-based form with COVID-related questions—similar to what is asked at a doctor’s office. Based on the responses, the screening system will automatically instruct them to either proceed to the monitor, call your supervisor or the hotel’s general manager, or “Go immediately to a COVID-19 testing facility.”

Once the form screening is passed, they will have their temperature taken, either by the ServRTW COVID Kiosk or a device of the hotel’s choosing. If they do not have a fever, they can proceed into the hotel.

The ServRTW COVID Kiosk can be connected to an electronic door lock system so that once someone’s temperature is deemed passable, the door will automatically open. The monitor also has facial recognition software, which can be used for a conference room so that any unwanted guests won’t enter the space.

“Each ServRTW customer is set up with an administrative account to customize their forms and add or remove employees,” said Breck Rice, chief revenue officer, ServRx. “A ServRTW implementation specialist will walk the administrator through all aspects of set-up. Employees receive a daily email and text reminder with a link to their survey. Guests can be set up on the system the same way as ’guests’ or can be provided with a survey through a COVID Kiosk. The hotel’s responses are driven by their own eternal policies.”

The system can be customized to cover state and local regulations and to interface with temperature monitors, thermal cameras and other devices if the hotel doesn’t want to use the COVID Kiosk.

“The ServRTW Health Screening and Tracking solution can be used independently of the thermal scanning units or COVID Kiosks,” said Rice. “However, the COVID Kiosk is HIPAA-compliant for recording temperatures where a thermometer gun is not. All ServRTW data is stored securely in the cloud and can only be accessed by the client administrator. The COVID Kiosk is password protected with local data storage or can be connected to a secure internal server.”

ServRTW clients pay an annual subscription for the system that, according to Rice, “works out to be less then $2 per employee per month for companies with more than 500 employees.” He added, “We have tiered pricing for companies under 500 employees. The COVID Kiosk are $2,595 per unit and come with a one-year warranty that can be extended for an additional three years for a minimal fee.”

He noted that among ServRTW’s clients are The Plaza Hotel in New York and Fairmont hotels, as well as casino clients in Las Vegas and Reno, NV.