Just minutes north of San Francisco in Sausalito, The Inn Above Tide is the only luxury hotel in Northern California with every room on the water, offering views of the San Francisco Bay.

Tapped as the creative team behind the new and renovated suites were San Francisco-based designer Antonio Martins and Sausalito-based art consultant Julie Coyle.

Coyle’s curated collection of artwork for The Inn Above Tide, much of which has been custom made, features such mediums as painting on canvas, driftwood installations, rope work, geodes, abstract ink work, photography and sculpture. Each guestroom features a different vignette of artwork, each of varying mediums, all inspired by Sausalito history and seaside living.

With an overall aesthetic that is clean and modern, highlights include hard-wood floors, landscape photography taken from around Sausalito, classical Cab dining room chairs by Mario Bellini for Cassina, 1950s designer lounge chair, an ottoman in the living room and screen-printed artwork. All furniture is on swivels or casters to allow for the best vantage point towards the view.

Even the bathroom continues the seaside inspiration, with access to the view from the soaking tub and rainwater shower, tiles of a carved stone wave pattern and flooring of grey, green and black stones reminiscent of the bottom of the sea.

Photography by Drew Kelly