Q&A with IDeaS’ Steve Green

Hotel Business caught up with Steve Green, principal solutions engineer, IDeaS, on the latest happenings in technology and the company.

Some have said that one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that hospitality had to quickly move ahead with technology in order to survive. Do you think that is the case?

Absolutely. We have, and will continue, to see a dramatic uptick in organizations making changes to their technology stack. This has been primarily led by a recognition that how hotel organizations operate has undergone systemic changes due to a multitude of micro and macroeconomic forces.  This is especially so for revenue management systems and its impact on the hotelier’s business.  For example, in a recent global survey IDeaS conducted of hotel CEOs, asset owners and investors, 83% see the “high” or “very high” ROI in their use of revenue management and over 96% indicated that revenue management is important for maximizing cash flow.

A number of major brands have partnered with you for their RMS technology. How have those rollouts been going?

These are going incredibly well and have positively challenged us to increase our speed of delivery. Because of this, IDeaS Client Onboarding Teams can now roll out over 500 properties per week per client with incredibly strong adoption rates across the board.

Have you introduced any new technologies or do you have any new introductions you can share? 

One of the key introductions we are making available is a focus on speed to revenue. The week of March 6th, we unveiled a major G3 RMS feature benefiting hoteliers called Automated Configuration.

Automated Configuration enables hoteliers to go from data population to forecasting in as little as one day.  Here, G3 suggests the highest-performing configuration based on the hotel’s data collection, including rooms and price, attribution of market segments and rate codes, as well as rate shopping with a minimal amount of client oversight.  This allows our hoteliers to realize returns on their technology almost immediately.