Pineapple Hospitality plants roots in Midtown

NEW YORK—Pacific-Northwest-based Pineapple Hospitality will have its second East Coast property with the scheduled opening in January of Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel, Midtown New York.

“As we near the exciting and, frankly, game-changing opening of our beautiful hotel in New York City, one of the world’s largest and most dynamic destinations, it is clearly an opportune time to leverage our brand, Staypineapple,” said Michelle Barnet, Pineapple Hospitality’s founder/president. “When we open our doors in New York, we will be visible to millions upon millions of global travelers.”

As the name suggests, art is at the center of the hotel and its design. “All elements of Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel, were designed to be art,” said Barnet. “There is an emphasis on purposeful design with a fresh approach to enhance the guest experience.”

As guests enter the 89-room, 24-story hotel through the glass-box vestibule, they will be greeted by its “Everything Person” for the unique check-in experience. “They will be poised at the custom-designed, glass mosaic, mirror-tiled entry table with a floating glass top,” she said. “Hanging overhead in the two-story-high, domed, metallic, plum ceiling is a Baccarat crystal chandelier. As you walk across the white quartz floor, you can’t help but take in the beauty of the inlaid Italian mosaic iris that covers a majority of the floor and wraps up the wall, complemented by colorful mosaic butterflies.”

As part of the check-in experience, guests will be invited to settle into the original Christopher Guy designer furnishings adorning the bespoke, handmade Kyle Bunting hide rugs in an intricate and colorful chevron pattern. “You are sure to notice the digital art display above the electric steam fireplace surrounded by an oversized mantle adorned with sculpted dog paws,” said Barnet. “Across the lobby is another seating arrangement offering a designer acrylic gathering table and chairs for casual meetings, working on your laptop or watching the passersby.”

The hotel’s corridors include a colorful geometric-designed Axminster carpet accented by soft cream walls. The metallic blue ceiling is decorated with jewels in the form of crystal-accented lighting.

The hotel will offer guests 10 room configurations. “We have painstakingly designed each room to maximize every square inch of useful guest space and to communicate artful beauty and functionality,” said Barnet.

The room configurations include the Persona or Starlet Queen, the coziest rooms offered. “These rooms are perfect for solo travelers or urban adventurers who need a place to rest after being out and about,” said Barnet.

“Mirror is used to enhance the visual, artful design of the room,” she said. “There is no traditional hanging artwork. Custom-designed window treatments in an abstract butterfly-wing pattern are tied back to expose the surrounding city views. The luxury vinyl plank flooring’s neutral, dark wood helps to enhance the beauty of the room.”

The overall concept is to provide a functional space for guests to use as their own by keeping surfaces uncluttered for their use. Elements include recessed trays in the floating nightstands and a pull-out luggage storage caddy under the bed for easy access. A functional ottoman on wheels can be moved about the room as necessary. Hand-blown glass headboard sconces are designed to save room on the floating nightstand for guest items. Illuminated lighting around the bed frame for nighttime seeing can be controlled by a light switch next to the bed.

The bathroom walls are covered in floor-to-ceiling mirror. The colorful glass vessel sinks, which are designed to align with the window treatment, bring an element of whimsy to the space.

Each room will include “The Naked Experience,” developed by Staypineapple six years ago in response to customer needs and comfort. “It is designed to make guests feel as safe, secure and uninhibited, as if they were in their own home—a place where they can frolic with abandon,” Barnet said. “Over-the-top luxurious sheets and pillows perfect for snuggling invite guests to experience the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Individual duvet covers wrapped around extravagant beds mean that people sharing the bed don’t have to wrestle for the covers or worry about blanket hogs. The high-quality covers, a grown-up version of a favorite childhood blankie, are freshly laundered each day since Staypineapple cares about what touches its guests.”

Barnet wants the hotel to be different than any other in New York. “All hotels endeavor to deliver great hospitality, but we know that is really hard to do. The purpose of having a shocking and clever attitude is to stand out among our competitors, but not scare people away,” she said. “Staypineapple New York guests will feel like they’re coming to see a childhood friend they haven’t seen in years—the one who always knew how to have a good time and made sure you didn’t leave the house looking like an idiot, but who was also the first one to call when life handed you a giant bag of lemons. With witty banter and open arms, Staypineapple New York endeavors to create ‘Remember that one time when…’ moments.”

She continued, “We’re unscripted and unassuming…
We’re taking over the word ‘hospitality’ and showing everyone our spin on it. Corporate and stuffy have no place here.”