Performance twill sheets that last 4x longer than cotton sheets

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Hospitality businesses and hospitals turn to 100% cotton sheets for their great comfort and absorbency, but their lifecycle is only 50 to 60 industrial launderings, resulting in frequent replacement costs. The other alternative, polyester sheets, last longer but fall short when it comes to the feel and softness.

Venus Group set out to design and manufacture an alternative sheeting fabric that delivers the comfort of 100% cotton and the strength and durability of polyester.

After two years of R&D and 12 total product variations, our research team landed on our patented Performance Twill® Sheets, an engineered blend of 100% premium textured polyester and cotton yarns. Guests enjoy exceptional comfort and feel, while cruise lines, hospitals and hotels enjoy cost-efficient sheets that last for up to 200 industrial launderings.

Given the current pandemic situation, guests expect clean, fresh and comfortable sheets during their stay more than ever before.  Therefore, sourcing sheets that can last longer with increased washes and still delight your guests is imperative.  Learn more about our approach, our Performance Twill® Sheets and our independently tested results in this case study.

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