Partner news

This week’s Partner News is highlighted by Energy Solutions International and Pure Lighting entering into a strategic partnership; Venue Butler launching its one-click taxi booking device for hotels across Chicago; and Duetto celebrating its 10th anniversary. Read about all that and more below.

Energy Solutions International partners with Pure Lighting
Energy Solutions International and Pure Lighting have entered into a strategic partnership that will deliver innovative solutions and custom development of UVC lighting fixtures to provide up to 99.99% disinfection of exposed pathogens in commercial spaces.

The partnership brings together 30 years of “Made in USA” lighting fixture manufacturing and UVC lighting solutions expertise. These new joint solutions will meet the needs of commercial applications like schools, offices, restaurants and other public spaces.

Customers will now be able to install a hybrid solution manufactured in Minnesota. Patent-pending hybrid UVC air and surface technology provides safe and highly effective automated anti-pathogen disinfection. The solution’s UVC spectrum lights provide 99% or higher germicidal, anti-viral and sporicidal disinfection when utilized in accordance with recommended dosage treatments. The UVC fixture is equipped with Bluetooth Intelli-Safe controls which feature multiple safety features to ensure non-occupancy-based operation for whole-room disinfection treatment.

Venue Butler launches taxi booking devices for Chicago hotels
Venue Butler has launched its one-click taxi booking device for hotels across Chicago. The device empowers the properties to book taxis for their guests through a simple click of the device. Hotels can use the device 100% free with unlimited usage, zero catches or hidden fees.

The device shows up-to-date information on the booking status, the cab driver medallion number, the estimated time of arrival and the driver’s name.

The device’s built-in sim card provides a 99.9% uptime so that hotels can book taxis around the clock. It comes with the hotel address preconfigured in the device, allowing concierges to book a taxi with one click, without any other input required. It’s connected directly with one of Chicago’s largest yellow cab services, providing access to thousands of taxi drivers ready to pick up hotel guests.

Duetto celebrates 10 years of hotel tech advancements
March 12th marked the 10th anniversary of the first line of code ever written at Duetto, the software as a service provider of revenue strategy solutions.

From the very beginning, hospitality has been in the company’s DNA. In 2010, its cofounders, Marco Benvenuti and Patrick Bosworth, left Wynn Resorts and set out to address the biggest problems faced by the hospitality industry: distribution complexity and optimizing profitability. Their venture started as a revenue management consulting firm but grew quickly as they realized the industry needed a cloud-native revenue strategy solution that could empower revenue teams to deploy and scale profitable strategies.

What began as an idea, as a way of doing business, of freeing revenue for hotels and casinos, began to take its current form in March 2012. By then, Benvenuti and Bosworth had been joined by a third cofounder, Craig Weissman, who previously served as CTO, Salesforce.

Today, Duetto is the largest independent revenue management system in the hospitality industry, according to the company, with operations in the U.S., Argentina, the U.K., Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Aptech’s Execuvue leverages AI
Aptech, a provider of hospitality financial management solutions, is making business intelligence easier than ever before. Leveraging the IBM Cognos Analytics AI Assistant within its recently enhanced Execuvue business intelligence solution, hoteliers can clean and connect data, create data visualizations and see how business is performing today while predicting what will happen tomorrow.

Users type simple browser commands into the system, such as “Show Me Room Revenues by State,” and the AI Assistant will instantly present the data in a compelling, relevant and easy-to-understand visual format.

“Thanks to AI-powered analytics, Execuvue is more intuitive than ever before,” said Cam Troutman, VP, Aptech. “Hoteliers can quickly and easily build dashboards, charts and visualizations to help them better navigate the future. However, we are still learning about practical applications for this ‘cool’ technology and time will tell where we are in the ‘Hype Cycle.’”

PureHD management consolidates ownership
PureHD has revealed that Thomas Pullen, its founder/president, has completed the acquisition of all outstanding shares held by third-party investors.

“This acquisition will enable myself and the senior management team to be more streamlined and focused on growth opportunities for PureHD,” said Pullen. “Going forward, PureHD can develop medium- and long-term strategies to deliver the best video solutions for our commercial customers, unencumbered by private equity profit constraints. I believe this acquisition will unlock growth opportunities and enable PureHD to improve on our industry-leading solution architectures and customer care solutions.”

PureHD was the first 100% digital, 100% remotely managed, high-definition free-to-guest vendor in the hospitality marketplace, the company reports. From its founding in 2009, PureHD’s team has developed a collection of tools to allow PureHD remote management over all free-to-guest channels and streaming services, minimizing channel downtime and effectively eliminating the need for physical repair visits.