Partner News

NATIONAL REPORT—Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary, receiving an award, earning a certification, debuting a new product or expanding the business, hotel companies and vendors achieve new milestones on a daily basis. Here’s a look at recent accomplishments:

Allbridge Develops Data Service Portal to Enhance Network Management

Allbridge has introduced Skyway, a data management tool available exclusively for Allbridge systems. The portal delivers groundbreaking insight and a rich feature set offering property owners and operators the ability to manage their environment the way they want—whether a single location, an ownership group, or an entire brand.

Developed by the Allbridge team specifically to meet the needs of hospitality users, Skyway offers network reporting within an easy-to-use command center. Users have access to advanced network configuration, customization and reporting capabilities enabling them to better manage guest requests, conference needs and other changes in real time. Additionally, customers can administer user profiles, view dashboards or modify splash pages on their own and as often as needed.

The Skyway portal captures and displays information such as how guests are using the data network with an in-depth and expansive dashboard. With powerful user metrics available, administrators gain comprehensive insight into bandwidth utilization, network performance and equipment status across multiple locations.

FitnessOnDemand Makes Two Team Changes

FitnessOnDemand (FOD) has made two senior management changes. Uday Anumalachetty, senior product manager and FOD’s technology leader, assumes the leadership role of divisional VP for the company, while Andrew Evenson, director of brand, is promoted to senior director, operations and brand strategy.

Anumalachetty brings more than two decades of technology, engineering and business leadership experience to the task as well as a track record in integrating leading-edge product design and category-defining user experience to drive customer success at the enterprise level. Evenson brings more than a decade of broad ranging marketing and brand management experience in the fitness industry—including four and half years with FitnessOnDemand—to his new role.

ProfitSword and WVC RubixCloud Partner

ProfitSword and WVC RubixCloud (WVCRC) have partnered to create a comprehensive data management and accounting solution that provides key financial and operational benefits for the hospitality industry.

The integrated solution is designed to allow a single hotel or an entire portfolio of hotels to easily add themselves to a robust, hospitality-specific technology and support environment with little setup and effort. Hoteliers can also benefit from preferred pricing that would otherwise be difficult to locate for such enhanced functionality.

The WVCRC accounting solution along with ProfitSword’s BI solutions are built to handle multiple entities within the same environment, providing the new integration with the readiness and ability to scale in lockstep with a company’s growth. The in-depth integration between WVCRC and ProfitSword further ensures data integrity between the accounting system and the BI platform. This creates a singular source of truth for all data across all properties and departments. Data is accessible on any device with an internet connection for instant comparison across multiple properties and brands, actual to budget trends and/or drill­ down to ledger level details.

WVCRC’s accounts payable automation solution easily captures invoices with a mix of OCR and human review to ensure accuracy prior to being routed for approval and payment. The approval workflow is designed to be robust, but simplistic with the end user gaining visibility into their A/P information through ProfitSword’s BI platform.

Providing its users with extreme attention to detail, timelines and a reliable customer service network for enhanced support, core components of WVCRC’s services also include overseeing accounts payable and the processing of payments, including employee expense reimbursements. WVCRC further works to reconcile single bank accounts and recording transactions that may not otherwise be captured through other technology integrations. Other functionalities provided by WVCRC include reconciling credit card activity, noting payoffs within the accounting system, recording bi­weekly payrolls and reconciling general ledger accounts on a continual basis for customer access to current and accurate financial information.

In integrating with ProfitSword’s ProfitSage solution, users of WVC RubixCloud are also able to benefit from hospitality’s leading forecasting and budgeting platform, with key features that include real-time access to historical revenue and expenses and future­ booking trends on one common cloud-based platform. ProfitSage also offers a fully automated daily income journal from all PMS and POS systems, along with the ability to integrate with sales and reservation systems as well as comp set and guest service score information. Providing visibility into G/L summary and detail transactions as well as A/P reporting, ProfitSage users can also leverage the platform’s customizable reporting abilities to receive automated reports containing precise information needed for a specific employee role or analysis. This can include financial reporting with drill ­down capabilities into transactional information, daily revenue reports and labor analysis as well as the ability to make multiple property comparisons and consolidations.

Delta Five Designated by Choice Hotels as a Qualified Vendor

Delta Five Systems LLC, a supplier of solutions to stop bed bugs using computer vision, biological science and cloud technology, has been selected for the Qualified Vendor Program of Choice Hotels International Inc.

The agreement supports Choice-branded properties’ access to the Delta Five Automated Bed Bug Detection System, helping Choice franchisees to safeguard their guests’ experience, protect the reputations of their hotels and receive significant cost savings over traditional pest management methods.

According to Delta Five, its system can find a single bed bug before guests, hotel staff, pest management providers or canines. Unlike reactive and expensive heat-treatments or spraying, the Delta Five electronic lure delivers proactive 24/7 monitoring of guestrooms to attract and trap the bugs. A notification is instantly sent over WiFi to hotel staff via text or email. The cloud-­based system retains capture data and enables hoteliers to track trends and forecast potential issues.

With the timely detection, notification, inspection and elimination of bed bugs the way they come in—one or two at a time—the system can help prevent infestations rather than only treating them after they occur, thus helping to avoid the need for expensive heat treatments, toxic chemicals, and high-cost remediations.

Through its Qualified Vendor Program, Choice franchisees have the option to take advantage of a negotiated brand discount for the system, simplifying the purchasing process at the hotel level.

Angie Hospitality Offers Integrations and Support for Staff Alert Technology

Angie Hospitality has revealed its ability to offer flexible options for hotels looking to deploy staff alert technology and other devices using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Hotels and resorts with Angie deployed can now easily integrate their chosen staff alert technology, while benefiting from a voice solution that also offers an expansive feature set, including room automation, energy management, IP telephony, WiFi and much more.

Angie’s Bluetooth Low Energy integration supports a variety of staff alert technology options that are already on the market. Using BLE is simple and effective, no matter the size of the property, as it provides considerably reduced power consumption and cost, while maintaining an impressive communication range. The “plug-and-play” nature of the Angie device permits it to be a valuable tool when implementing staff alert technology. Its continuously monitored cloud-managed platform with secure, scalable and highly available architecture self-configures for each property and room. Implementing such technology can protect hotels and their employees and guests from physical risk and legal liability implications.